The Mueller Three-Ring Circus: Come One, Come All

By James Baxley

Circuses have three rings: The Three Ring Circus. Mueller and his Manafort witch hunt has three rings also and the first ring—the Manafort trial—is about over; the final arguments are over and the defense has rested and the jury have begun their deliberations.

Ten days of wasted tax payer’s money for a trial to prove that Manafort had a lavish lifestyle and in that pursuit of that lavish lifestyle, he allegedly stashed millions of dollars, up to $16 million in of shore accounts in Cyprus.

What does his supposed “lavish lifestyle” have to do with the Russians meddling, Trump’s obstruction of justice, or whatever they are charging Trump for this week in the 2016 US elections?

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The trial has attracted packed galleries to the federal courthouse each day. People wanted to get a glimpse of the DNC’s sideshow. Sideshows are the smaller shows of the circus which houses the “freaks,” the “grotesque,” the “mutated,” and the “monstrosities” of the human race.” You know the freaks I’m talking about: the bearded woman, the tallest man on earth, the shortest man on earth, the fattest woman in the world, Mueller, U.S. District Court Judge T.S. Ellis III.

In this case, the Mueller witch hunt is the side show and Mueller is the carnival barker trying to exhort the public to take their attention off the main attraction: Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s eight years of illegal activities.

P.T. Barnum would be proud of Mueller on the way he is handling this circus.

Manafort faces 18 criminal counts of alleged bank fraud and tax evasion, in part related to accusations that he allegedly failed to reveal the foreign accounts to federal tax authorities. Again, I ask, “What does this have to do with the Russians allegedly meddling in the 2016 elections or Trump’s alleged obstruction of justice?”

Manafort seems to think he has done nothing wrong, which is why Manafort and his lawyer Kevin Downing and Manafort’s legal team chose not to mount a defense and then sought to have all the charges dismissed, in part arguing the prosecution had not proven he willingly committed crimes; U.S. prosecutors had not met the legal bar needed to prove their case.

“We’ve rested because Mr. Manafort and his legal team do not think the government has met its proof,” Downing told Reuters.

The closest this case comes to involving the Russians is Manafort’s employment with pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine well before he took an unpaid position with the Trump campaign. I will reiterate, this was long before Manafort worked for Trump and it was common knowledge.

The charges against Paul Manafort involve activities that predate his tenure with the Trump campaign. Whether Paul Manafort is found guilty, how does this prove that he or President Trump obstructed justice? How would Manafort’s guilt prove that the Russian’s meddled in the 2016 elections?

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