The Mueller Investigation Is a Democratic Hit Job

Peter Strzok’s extreme bias exposes the entire Mueller Investigation as a Democratic hit job; firing him doesn’t change anything.

The reason why the investigation is a sham cover for a Democratic hit job is because FBI agent Peter Strzok is responsible for much of why the investigation was started in the first place. Also, he was the point man who changed the FBI report on Hillary Clinton and her private email server so that Clinton wasn’t charged with a crime.

The New York Post editorial board writes, “Latest revelations make the entire ‘collusion’ probe look like a partisan hit.”

So Peter Strzok wasn’t just a top investigator for special counsel Robert Mueller until he was axed for anti-Trump and pro-Clinton bias: He was also a major player in the Hillary email probe and the FBI work that led to the “collusion” investigation.

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And Mueller and the FBI both dragged their feet on sharing key info about all this with Congress.

Including the news that Strzok was the one who changed then-FBI chief Jim Comey’s draft language on Clinton’s use of that private server from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless” in the final version.


Strzok also conducted the FBI interviews of Clinton and her top aides, Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, in the email probe.

Both Mills and Abedin lied in those interviews, apparently, but no one has suggested they be charged with lying to the FBI

They continue their list on Strzok:

  • He was a major lobbyist for an investigation on the basis of the dossier.
  • He was signatory that opened the probe into collusion with Russia.
  • He was the lead in the FBI interrogation of General Mike Flynn which led to the criminal charge against Flynn.

This was all a DNC frame rather than a real investigation. The editors call for the release of Strzok’s texts to his mistress (who, they point out, is another FBI employee working for Mueller) so we all can see how biased he always was.

What Hillary did to the DNC to destroy Benie Sanders is what the DNC has done to the government to destroy Trump.

Read the entire story.

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