The MSM Want Kavanaugh To Suffer Long After His Confirmation

The hit jobs will continue throughout Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s career.

Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts in a private ceremony, accompanied by his wife and children. The ceremonial swearing-in is expected to happen on Monday evening. That means that now Justice Brett  Kavanaugh will begin hearing cases on Tuesday.

Thank you, Susan Collins, for not caving in to the Left’s bullying and threats. Now that Justice Brett Kavanaugh is sworn in we can’t stop here. We need to get out and vote like in 2016. We need to show the Democrats we don’t need to use violence and hate to accomplish we want.

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Washington Examiner:

The battle over Brett Kavanaugh is almost over. It looks like he gets his lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, but oh, have the news media made him pay for it.

It was always a problem for Kavanaugh that he was the one chosen to fill the crucial swing seat on the court (even more of a problem that he was a white man), but now that Democrats and their media friends have run out of ways to delay his confirmation, the obituaries have been written.

The press, meanwhile, is turning Christine Blasey Ford into a hero for coming forward with her claim that couldn’t be corroborated, even by a good friend that Ford said was at the house where it happened.

Kavanaugh, on the other hand, is the untouchable. (And don’t forget that he’s a white man — ew!)

Thursday evening, when it was clear Kavanaugh was likely headed for confirmation, the liberal New York Times editorial board said everyone involved in the process, even Democrats, had “failed.”

Everyone except Ford, who the Times said “presented the one image of dignity and calm in this howling maelstrom.”

And Kavanaugh, because he reacted emotionally at his hearing last week to accusations of inappropriate conduct, blackout drunkenness, and involvement in gang rapes, was, according to the Times, “a jerk.”  More

We shouldn’t expect anything else from the MSM. They are the enemy. After the swearing in of Justice Brett  Kavanaugh, there are many lunatic liberals wandering the streets, seething with repressed anger. These tortured souls may present a danger to public safety. Though widespread violence is not anticipated, isolated acts of childish anger may take place.

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