The MSM: America’s Cadre Of Divisive Agents

It’s been well over a month since Clinton’s comeuppance.  Still, the press churns out political jibber-jabber equal to the campaign season.  Since what was supposed to never have happened surprisingly took place, our mainstream media (MSM), have already reloaded and re-aimed.

Since their pet candidate lost, it’s all about the side line shooters who delight with pulling Clinton’s rug out from under.  However, amid all this finger-pointing, Clinton’s own responsibility has never been addressed; which would immediately end all these accusations and conspiracies while sharply reducing the media’s inflated circulation.

It is to this point, the uncanny ability to remain, despite whoever wins or loses which brings, or should bring, a more critical eye to this continual journalistic festering.  While cloaked under the jacket of information, these agents of unrest and instigation roam for and against both sides of the political aisle and they never lack for a victim.

So may it be said that during this Clinton aftermath of humiliation and anger, the negativity of our main streamer’s product began taking a cumulative affect upon its readership and viewers, especially during these last eight long years.

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Remember when the American public was humbled as they heard their newly elected President give reasons why he preferred not to wear an American flag lapel pin.  Further enflaming was when our First Lady admonished something about being “proud for the first time of her Country.”  This began what would produce another four years of mounting regret.

All through these years, both at home and abroad, America’s reputation was ridiculed and questioned, even by our own President.  All through this, our insufferable media continued to rave about rare insight and changing perspectives which previously eluded America’s conscientiousness.  After all, America was supposedly cleansed after electing her first black President.  The MSM’s truth banner flew high!

Never mind that our President lied repeatedly.  Remember that mystical doctor and how we could keep him?  Or how about the huge savings for struggling family budgets?  What a shame that recently, a giant premium increase occurred at the most inopportune time!

Finally, with Obamacare premiums going through the roof just prior to November, our illustrious media downplayed and/or ignored its gritty details in hopes that, similar to Benghazi, this flap would also subside.

In essence, the rate hikes of health insurance became the final nail into Clinton’s election coffin.  Along with her boisterous campaign messaging, which lacked any policy or position statements, her minimal turn out numbers introduced to the public, an inescapable and hopeful message.

But today, all that is a “never mind.”  Clinton was a victim of many hidden culprits, both domestic and foreign.  Again, “never mind” about her various private email sites which produced tens of thousands of private and official correspondence.  Supposedly, it was FBI Director Comey’s late campaign letter about discovering new evidence which sunk the Clinton ship of State.

Throughout all this despair and turmoil, it was our industrious MSM which churned out copy after copy.  Forget if it was accurate or truthful, just a smidgen would do.

Then, as Comey’s complicity faded, an old reliable villain, the dreaded Russians, became the latest fodder for new copy.  Without respite, it was drummed into our American homes that Putin caused Clinton’s loss since he would much rather deal with a hard line pro American conservative than a lady who had already been instrumental with Russia acquiring a fair percentage of America’s uranium supplies.  And of course Clinton’s patriotic fervor regarding Benghazi made her an adversary worthy of avoiding.  Makes sense, or so we are told!

So, in this briefest of composites, today we are awaiting the latest last ditch attempt to derail our Constitutionally elected “President-elect.”  The hopes and dreams of all democrats ride on the intimidation attempts at influencing and/or coercing America’s cadre of selected “Electors.”

One question: Has anybody else recognized just how banana republican the democrat party has become?  With this emphasis upon our Electoral College, do not for a minute think it will fade away.  The democrat platform will continue to target the College for extinction, along with our individual State elections.

It makes no “never mind” that our astute Founders detested and feared the workings of a pure democracy, which is none other than what our democrats and their MSM minions will no doubt champion ad nauseam.  And from their journalistic perch, it’s just another story to make ink out of since they will always profit from and remain in the midst of the turmoil they create.

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