The Most Important Video You Missed this Past Week!

Last Friday some of our good friends got together for the most important live streaming event the Internet has ever seen. Pastor Jeff Durbin, Apologia Church, and Apologia Radio held the first ever #EndAbortionNow event in Tempe, Arizona this past Friday, calling on all of America to turn from our national sin, our corporate disgrace, abortion.

Many hundreds tuned in live and thousands have seen the event since it took place, and I encourage you to tune in as soon as you can.

Each of the speakers explain in their own way why abortion IS murder and why we, as Christians, should be doing all we can to fight the scourge of child murder. However, three of the speakers focus in particular on how Christians as good American citizens MUST DEFY man’s law to uphold the greater law of God.

If you’ve ever wondered what the fight against abortion should look like – you need to hear from these great pro-life leaders, now.

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Pastor Matthew Trewhella explains why our local and state officials should be standing against the immoral and unjust laws from Washington, D.C. It’s a similar argument to the one he lays out his book about The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates.

Dr. Joel McDurmon explains how true liberty comes only through the outworking of Christianity. You can read more about his thoughts on these issues in Restoring America: One County at a Time.

Also, you should take the time to watch the very important abortion documentary from Marcus Pittman and Crown Rights Media called, Babies are Murdered Here.

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