The Most Important Aspect of this Presidential Election

With A Gentle Heart

Guess what?  Donald Trump won the election, but the most important revelation is that America dodged a socialist bullet.  This is the only valid view for understanding what was prevented.  All the hand wringing of republican-versus-democrat were decorations and amusement.  The true finality of this election was whether America would remain free or eventually become enslaved.

This blunt analysis will not be bandied about the radio/televised talk circuits.  As the back and forth politicos ramble on, their in place structures limit and ordain the subject matter beforehand.  As such, the big “C” will never make it into their filtered talking points.

The same can be said of the dailies which have fallen on unfavorable times.  While the avenues of radio and television have yet to experience what their printed brethren has, based probably upon the instantaneousness of talk rather than the finality of print, the more successful the management, the more reckless and careless it becomes, so stay tuned.

As we gaze about and anticipate Trump’s inauguration on the 20th, it would not be an exaggeration to cite the brewing of a calamity.  Coming off the shock of the election, the anti-Trump forces flexed their anarchy muscles with immediate demonstrations.  At the same time, the organizers were planning and amassing numbers of both the enthused and the to-be hired.

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At the government’s hub, dissension later turned to vows of non-compliance and non-attendance by sworn representative of the American people.  Their numbers began ominously with Georgia Congressman John Lewis, a crusty hallmark from those MLK/Selma days.  Roughly a week later, his stance has received approximately sixty fellow representatives.

As this assemblage increases, I am reminded of former Lt. Col. and Congressman Allen West’s assessment of the caliber of House members. He estimated that somewhere between 70-80 congressional members were communists or communist leaning.  So, expect the Lewis number of no-shows to at least equal the West numbers.

However unsettling this prospect seems, it dovetails with the progressive college curriculums.   This young influx now mans the ranks of a growing anti-Trump army.  Concurrent with all campus rantings, they are fed the red meat of drastic individual futures along with the idyllic rhymes of equality.  No longer will the rich and affluent dictate.  No longer will debt be the calling card at college graduations.  Since students will become tomorrow’s workers, their dedicated struggle must join with the working class to better serve humanity for eliminating the discriminatory agenda of a President Trump.

Joining the college idealist is the element of hired protestors, which are now validated from videos of past demonstrations.  So, at an event of this nature, with all the pomp and circumstance of a peaceful transfer of government from one leader to another, it should behoove the authorities to possess a working knowledge, an identification list of past hoodlums who masquerade as protestors.

More to the point, what of Trump’s message is worthy of such actions?  How is it that a highly successful business man can be painted with the gender/racial discriminatory brush, when in fact his work force negates the argument?

Is securing our nation’s border so discriminatory or is it a logical cure to the darker element that arrives illegally?  And since when did undocumented Middle Easterners become such valued assets?  Especially when they arrive without any verifiable references or paperwork?

What’s so threatening when eliminating the hundreds of billions of wasted tax dollars spent upon governmental regulations which generally hamper growth and stymie productivity?

And then there’s the global warming/climate change hysteria.  Remember the eruption from Mount St Helens?  Darken skies, only to evaporate within the earth’s atmosphere?  It’s OK to be concerned, but balance that emotion with some factual data, not with some fanciful prediction such as Gore’s doomsday talk about “ice-free Arctic summers by 2013.”

Trump came out of nowhere to take charge on a stage full of politicians who would only venture replies for the delight of the voters.  Trump’s frank talk was by contrast, unmistakable and at the same time what as been missing and longed for by American for too long.

In the post-convention days, his democrat opponent lacked even a message.  Her only recourse was to besmirch and criticize.  That along with the lopsided rally numbers and Obamacare’s final hammer of increased premiums sealed her loss.

In conclusion, I pray for my Country, my next President, for fair weather and gentle hearts. However, with the knowledge of the communist mind, this is an occasion, or if you rather, “a crisis,” not to be wasted.  God Bless America, always!

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