The “Moore” The Better

The vitriol afforded to judge Moore seems shadowy in that hearsay may now determine a lifetime of achievement.  If so, who is without this last minute condemnation or what is above being painted with this accusing brush?

In these shadows resides the ominous “why now?”  What causes breaking a life time of silence?  There must be a reason.   Maybe boredom, the companion of maturity is creeping in or maybe it’s just a hankering for notoriety?  Worse, could this influence be from outside the box which is best left unsaid?  One thing is certain, a reason exists.

I am struck by its overall symmetry.  Obviously, when one sheds anonymity it encourages others to follow.  Yet, this is not the point. The point of my angst lies in the fact that all remained so silent, almost abiding by a secret code and for so long.  Isn’t it odd that not one reacted differently, that not one immediately asked advise or went to the authorities or at least mom and dad?  This is the sticking point for believability!

And of course, as with Herman Cain’s experience, once the charge is made, the image is forever tarnished or at least questioned.  Is this the usual price for owning such a renown Christian and patriotic image?   Are those of society’s less righteous, mostly all, so eager to condemn when the unsubstantiated beckons from the front page?  Or is our delight rooted in the vernacular; the higher the perch, the greater the fall.

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Experiencing the balances in life severely tests such uniformity of action.  I mean after so many years, especially when the accused has routinely been in the public arena, what has suddenly and so timely inspired this mutual but late urge for “coming clean?”

All of Moore’s accusers are in the bracket of middle age.  Without some outside influence, since all are well past the youthful age of being rebellious, or “fancy free,” this recall just doesn’t past the smell test.  Are we to believe that now, after all of life’s rigors have been satisfied, now is the time to rehash the past?

This timing, with concern to the pending special election is just too much to believe.  And now, with the latest revelation, the stakes have risen in hopes that public emotion will follow.  With this latest report, there was a physical attack upon an unwilling and vulnerable teenager.  Neck bruises resulted.

And what of those bruises when she returned home?  Are we to believe that as sisters grow up so close, those marks went unnoticed?  It was reported that “she told her sister two years after the incident.”  Also too, her mother, being a caring and loving parent, never noticed the abrasions on her neck?    Were neck warmers needed and how long without suspicion from such wearing?

Now am I being too picky?  Not really.  We are talking about the most recognizable Christian to hit the mainstream since the defrocked Tim Tebow!  Also too, and unlike the younger Mr. Tebow, the judge has lived a full and successful life including service to his country, both in and out of uniform and to his wife and family.

The huge stumbling block is the fact that pedophilia, for this is what these accusations describe, is unresponsive to rehabilitation.  The need or urge remains within the offender.  This explains the sex offender registry in local communities.  Are we to consider that this judge is a walking medical marvel?  This dares challenging and if we wait long enough, I’m sure that this circus can still conjure up later life tales to erase this inconsistency.

Actual Moore support has ironically blossomed on the Senate floor!  Their instant demand for Moore to step down was both as shocking and despicable as it was premature and very telling. Their fear of Moore stems from a record of uncorrupted actions plus standing firm on his principals and Christian beliefs. These personal traits are antithetical to both Washington and to how this Senate operates.

These hearsay reports seem similar to logs being added to a fading fire.  If the issue withers, another accuser needs to emerge.  Watch out since there is a tipping point affecting the credibility of such slander and with this last log, it just might have been reached.

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