The Monolithic Bigotry that is Liberal Fascism




Liberals are always complaining that conservatives are bigots.  But liberal opinions are carved in stone and not subject to amelioration.

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They believe that their opinions are superior to right wing orthodoxy; that conservatives are stupid and bigoted for not agreeing with their bathetic ideology.


Liberals have no sense of humor and don’t believe that life is a flexible game wherein the pieces move around the board with purpose not judgment.


Liberals are not too bright.


I teach boxing at Gleason’s Gym.  I used to be a millionaire. I lost my business.  I am able to fly from one level of society to another like a hawk.  I bite identities and eat variable life styles like rodents.


A couple of years ago I wrote an anti-same-sex marriage article on Facebook.  A student of mine accidentally read it and spoke to me in the gym, “I can’t train with you anymore.”


“Why not?”


“Because you are not in favor of gay marriage.  I have many gay friends.”


“So do I. Big deal.  And what difference does it make if I am for or against gay marriage?  It’s funny.  It’s corny.  It cracks me up.”


“That’s what I mean. You are not politically correct.”


GayFascist“If you are too prejudiced against free thought than I think I’d rather not teach you anyway,” I said. “I like you as a person.  I could care less that you’re gay.  But I don’t like the rigidity of your thought.”


“Fine,” he said and left. Well, I lost forty bucks an hour.  What the hell.  Better than to agree to his liberal fascist thought.


I expected a longer argument.  Liberals have a monolithic way of thinking and when they argue they usually chug on until they run out of gas.


He made himself seem stupid.  I don’t hold it against his gayness.  I hold it against failure to rise above his self-defensive prejudices.


If he were conservative rather than liberal gay we could have settled our differences.


My student wants a free, progressive world, and yet he wants no one to have an opinion different from his own.


Liberals are anal retentive.  They hang onto their viewpoints like constipation.


As for the gays, they are anal exploratory.


It’s a joke.  Loosen up.  You can’t appreciate life when you keep pigeonholing it with your restrictive views.


Political correctness is fascism.  Only a person who thinks that he is violently right can mass kill people who disagree with him.


Liberals are so busy calling conservatives stupid that they don’t look in the mirror and see the dull, obtuse look in their prejudiced eyes.

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