The Memo Is GREAT! But Devin Nunes Is No Hero

Remember Devin Nunes did not push for releasing his memo on FISA corruption until FISA was reauthorized to abuse more Americans.

I am thankful that Devin Nunes is defending the President, but he is still a deep state agent. He made sure the FISA law got renewed and, only then, released the memo documenting how easily FISA is abused—in this case, to rig an election and, when that failed, to delegitimatize a duly elected President. If they did that to a presidential candidate, then you know that it is business as usual for the “little people.”

Lisa Rosenberg writes an editorial for the Visalia Times-Delta: “Devin Nunes a hypocrite on vote to reauthorize FISA law.

Incredibly, just days after the House and Senate voted to reauthorize and expand a surveillance authority that allows the secret collection of information about Americans, some Members of the Congress who voted in favor of the bill are now criticizing it.

They are claiming the law was misused to listen to communication from the Trump campaign, begging the question, if they knew a law posed a threat to Americans, why didn’t they work to fix the parts of the law that threaten American’s privacy most before they voted for it?

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Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), allows the intelligence agencies to collect information from non-U.S. citizens abroad while sweeping up and storing massive amounts of Americans’ communications.

Among the supporters of the bill that reauthorized Section 702 and codified warrantless FBI queries for Americans’ communications was Congressman Devin Nunes (R-Visalia), Chair of the House Intelligence Committee.


It seems likely, therefore, that Nunes, as well as a number of his Republican colleagues on the committee, voted to reauthorize and expand the most concerning parts of a law, even though they believed it was being used to sweep up information on Americans — or at least Americans in the Trump campaign — without a warrant.

Read the full editorial.

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