The Media’s Transformation

What differentiates news from propaganda?  Quite simply, news informs about an event while propaganda drum beats a certain dogma.  With this in mind, today, what masquerades as the former is nothing more than a crafty version of the latter.

Aside from the terrible loss of life from the recent mass killings, haven’t we all gotten our fill of replaying the same film footage?  The latest being the student’s mad dash for safety?  Also, what purpose does it serve when asking those heartless questions of family members?  What happened to our sensitivity and compassion?

Now consider the disturbing FBI commonalities to previous killing sprees?  In just about every instance, prior knowledge existed yet follow up didn’t.  So while the anti-gunsters now concentrate upon inciting students en masse, with the intent of attracting the political ear, what remains unprintable are the trails of alarming signals which were and continue to be ignored.  Certainly makes one wonder as to this consistency for fumbling the investigative ball.  At some point, this should demand it’s own inquiry.

So here, five days later, and with the news of thirteen Russians being indicted, our media organizations saw fit to continue with another episode of Trump bashing through this horrific deed.  How did that advise to President Clinton go?  Something about “never letting a crisis go to waste?”

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But what of this media transformation?  Well, the previously mentioned paints a sorry picture of an industry which has scuttled their former investigative reporting talents.  Instead, they have turned their front page news into a continuation of the opinion section.  Especially since the 2016 election results, this penchant for redundancy and other assorted fakeries, has had a withering effect upon the reporting of “breaking news.”

Take for instance today’s assortment of Trump pounding propaganda.  Top billing featured the headline, “Indictment: Social media got played by Russians.”  Positioned in the third paragraph, “…Russian conspiracy aimed, in part, to help Republican Donald Trump and harm the prospects of his Democrat opponent, Hillary Clinton.”  Earth shattering news, this is not!  Just how long can our media elites push this mournful election re-run?

Along with this attack against the “social media,” our next headline criticizes with “It’s all about himself.”  Before even reading the article, a bold printed secondary caption states, “Trump rages about Russian investigation on Twitter as nation mourns Fla. shooting.”  Could the term “rage” be just a little over the top, even incendiary?

Deeper into the first section, we feast our eyes on another biased effort from E. J. Dionne, which no further comment is required since he toes the redundant anti-Trump, anti-gun mantra.

Further on, we read in bold print, “School survivors: Trump is off-base.”  On the heels of the opening paragraph, comes a quote from a 17 year old who no doubt has embraced the words and/or thoughts of those he heard when aping, “You’re the president. You’re supposed to bring this nation together, not divide us.”  Just how has Trump accomplished this division?

And finally, this ‘newspaper” branches into another Trump diatribe with, “Trump once again wants to cut energy assistance to poor.”  Why that “once again” if not for emphasis?  And just to round out this breaking news item, what would it be without a Bernie Sanders comment?  He refers to “a situation where people will go cold, some may freeze to death.”  Should I begin to hate my President or just discontinue my subscription?

This just about sums up the “Trump news” for today.  For me, the clincher can be found in this newspaper’s “Today in History” column which has routinely ignored the birthdays of both Abe Lincoln and George Washington, the Father of our Country and the one who refused an offer of kingship.  Funny, but isn’t the choice to ignore our first and sixteenth but never miss a day for pummeling our forty-fifth President a perfect testament to their preference for anti-American propaganda rather than the total news package?

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