The Media Isn’t Sure if Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are “Hispanic”

Ah, the ever-growing extremism of the racist left. On Wednesday the insane people at MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews grew so unbalanced that they began questioning the authenticity of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio’s Hispanic-ness.

I kid you not.

During a discussion of the two Cuban Republican candidates for President, Chris Matthews said that he just wasn’t sure it was “right” to call the men Hispanic.

“You’re trying to insinuate that Marco Rubio, a fellow with a Spanish surname, I’m not sure the right word is Hispanic for them (Rubio and Cruz), because they are Cuban nationals or whatever, or come from Cuba.” 

I feel like I can speak to this for Mr. Matthews, seeing as I am an American of Cuban decent. Yes, Mr. Matthews, Cubans are Hispanic. We are descendants of the Spaniards who have been settling the America’s for the last few hundred years, making us part of the Hispanic, or Latino, community.

I think that Matthews knows that Cubans are Hispanic. In fact, I think he was making a much uglier implication here. I think that what Matthews was really trying to express was that Cruz and Rubio aren’t “Hispanic enough” because the two men happen to be conservatives. I believe this because I’ve been hearing similar palaver for much of my politically active adult life. My status as a minority, as a Latino, and as a person with brown skin is often questioned and belittled. Liberal trolls attack me for not believing the right things, for “selling out” my “people,” and for falling for the lies of the white man. (Again, I kid you not.)

Liberals hate seeing people of color (and women) supporting conservative candidates. Liberals believe that every non-Caucasian, non-male American should obviously support their political positions, and if they don’t, they are looked at with suspicion and derision. Don’t believe me? Just ask Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Tim Scott, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and so many other minority conservatives.

American liberals’ obtuse and overly simplistic perspective on race, ethnicity and gender in politics is absolutely disgusting.

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