The Media Continues to Perpetuate the “Gay Gene” Myth

There’s a new study out that claims “gay” DNA may have been found. Not so fast.

“Nature News were among the first to break the story based on a press release issued by the conference organisersOthers quickly followed suit. ‘Have They Found The Gay Gene?’ said the front page of Metro, a London paper. . .”

According Ed Yong, writing in The Atlantic, the study is seriously flawed for a number of reasons. You can read Yong’s account of how bad the study is: “No, Scientists Have Not Found the ‘Gay Gene’: The media is hyping a study that doesn’t do what it says it does.”

Keep in mind that The Atlantic magazine is said to espouse a “moderate worldview,” but we know it’s mostly liberal, therefore, the science must really be bad for a publication like The Atlantic to attack it.

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I’ve always said that finding a genetic marker for a behavior is not an indication of that behavior being either normal or moral character. Today’s matter-only scientists can only determine what “is,” not what should be…


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