The Mainstream Media has an Embarrassing “Trumpgasm”

Whoa. CNN has a serious Trump addiction.

CNN has been “Trumpgasaming” of late, and their fit hit the high-water mark this past week when the network said “Donald Trump” 239 times in a 24-hour period! The “Trumpgasm” line came not from us, or the folks at the Washington Free Beacon (WFB) who put this wonderful supercut proving that CNN had a problem together, but from Democrat activist and strategist Paul Begala.


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But this isn’t the half of the media’s general Trump-addiction problem.





Over the course of the previous week, MSNBC had an even worse problem than CNN.

The folks at Buzzfeed took the time to count out the many, many times the three major news networks mentioned Trump, and CNN came in a close second to MSNBC. (I’m guessing Buzzfeed stopped counting before the WFB put together their CNN video.)

It seems like Chris Christie may be right about the media and their obsession with Donald Trump.

Seriously, when I’m out there talking to folks nobody in the real world asks me about this. Nobody. Every time I get on a media show all anybody wants to talk about is Donald Trump.       — Gov. Chris Christie on being asked about Donald Trump… again.

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