The Mainstream Conservative’s Guide to Libertarianism

Regretfully, there are many divisions between conservatives and libertarians, which is why this guide is so important for the future. The Republican Party cannot survive without us, so it is only fair to state libertarian ideals for the general public to witness.


Libertarians are pro-free trade, and believe that the only fair trade that should happen is born in the negotiation room. While this is up to either the government or individual corporations, the government should not impede trade between nations as a result of political discourse or any other conceivable reason. It is the company’s decision to make deal or reject deals with potentially hostile countries.

Government Programs

As most libertarians have a textualist slant when interpreting the Constitution, many libertarians believe all government welfare programs should be cut back or completely cancelled as the Constitution never gives the government the power to run a welfare state. Yes, these cuts include Social Security (in particular welfare), Medicare, and Medicaid. However, there is no consensus as to how far these programs need to be cut back. Libertarians in my area of the spectrum would say that Medicaid needs to be reformed and Medicare and Social Security need to be privatized. There is no need for a Department of Energy or Education, so both of those departments can be cut. The budget should always be balanced, and the majority of the balancing can be done through cutting welfare programs. The government is responsible for building and maintaining roads.

Universal Healthcare

Government is getting involved in your life and is trying to give you a right to someone else’s labor. Universe healthcare should not exist.

Gun Rights

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The Second Amendment exists to allow the people to protect themselves from a tyrannical government. Military style weapons should be allowed, as well as high capacity magazines. People should be allowed to carry weapons wherever they like, as long as they are legally allowed to do so. Violent felons should have their rights to own a firearm revoked as they have proven to be incompetent.


If an individual is not harming anyone else they should be allowed to do with they body whatever they so choose, within reason. Marijuana should be legalized, as there are many health benefits with fewer downsides than smoking (note that these downsides can vary from smoking). Methamphetamine is extremely dangerous and there is a general consensus that it should not be allowed.

LGBT Rights

As long as someone is not harming another individual they should be allowed to live as who they are, and love who they want. While this aspect of libertarianism is opposite of what many conservatives believe, it can be reconciled by looking through a small government lens. Why should the government care about who you sleep with? It should not.

Freedom of Speech

Unabated free speech, unless inciting a riot. There is no such thing as hate speech, as the parameters for hate speech are too broad and can be unfairly applied to different groups. Flag burning should be protected as it is a vocal manner of expressing disdain for a government, even if it makes the burner look disrespectful.

Abortion Rights

Many libertarians believe the government has no say over what a woman can and cannot do with her own body. While many libertarians are personally pro-life, politically they are pro-choice due to our personal beliefs.


Non-interventionist, a military must be maintained but should not be used unless the United States is attacked, and in the event of an attack, a declaration of war must be issued. Title 50 should not grant the President the power to universally launch strikes.


Libertarians are opposed to all domestic surveillance without a legitimate warrant. FISA warrants are often looked down upon due to how often they are issued.

Executive Power

The President should only use executive power when all other options have been exhausted.

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