The Madness of King Barack Hussein Obama: Allowing Doctrinaire Muslims to Get the Bomb

“Death to America!”  —Daily curse of Iran’s Islamic government, signaling its anti-American intentions


Nuclear Jihad: A Serious Threat to America and the World

Iran is a serious about Islamic jihad.  Its leaders are zealous in their pursuit of Muslim doctrine.  And Muhammad preached jihad against all non-Muslims.  Hezbollah and Hamas are proxies for Iran in the jihad against Israel.  But they are America’s enemies as well.  Not to support Israel is not to support America’s own interests.  And not to oppose Iran’s nuclear ambitions is also a failure to protect America.  President Barack Hussein Obama is a wolf for Islamic jihad who bleats a message of peace and goodwill to the sheep, even as he helps Iran to prepare for their slaughter.

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Love and Death

Muhammad used every weapon at his disposal against non-Muslims.  And Muhammad would have had no qualms about using nuclear missiles.  There would have been no fear of the possibility of MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction, which both America and its Communist foes wished to avoid during the Cold War).  Muslims say repeatedly that they do not fear death, as Westerners do.  Muslims claim that their advantage over the West is that they are, in all actuality, in love with death.


The Highest Form of Worship

Dying in jihad is the holiest act possible, according to Muhammad, who also said that jihad, in itself, is the highest form of worship.  Those who die in jihad go straight to Paradise, without having to wait for the Day of Judgment.


Iranian Obedience to the Genocidal Will of Allah

Iran-nuclearIslam is an evil ideology that does not value the Golden Rule.  Its Muhammadan Rule is this: Treat others the way Muhammad would treat them.  And Muhammad’s policy, from the day he arrived in Medina, was the genocide of all non-Muslims via the jihad.  The choices given to the victims of Islamic jihad are three: you may convert; you may choose death; or you may lead a life of quiet humiliation as a dhimmi—whom it is not a crime to brutalize, or even kill, under Sharia Law.


Choosing Dhimmitude

To choose conversion or death is pretty straightforward.  To choose dhimmitude means you have no right to life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness!  The Islamic ideology of collective submission exists, inarguably, in direct opposition to the American belief in liberty and individual rights.  It is not uncommon for Muslims to proudly refer to themselves as the “slaves of Allah.”

Dhimmis must dress differently, so they might be easily targeted and mistreated by Muslims on a daily basis (not unlike the Jews being forced to wear the Star of David in Nazi Germany).  Whereas the murder of a Muslim is punishable by death under the Sharia, the murder of a dhimmi is not punishable at all.  Dhimmis also do not have the right to defend their own lives against assault by Muslims.  Dhimmis may be raped with impunity.  Dhimmis’ property may be taken.  And dhimmis may not teach their religious views—not even to their children.


In Islam, Death Is Good—for Everyone

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, surely wishes to serve Allah.  And martyring his own population in a nuclear jihad is not incongruous with Allah’s will.  Martyrdom is rewarded in the afterlife by sensual pleasures in Paradise, such as sex and food.  While Jews and Christians choose life, Muslims actively choose death.  Are there any circumstances under which an Islamic country, such as Iran, should really be allowed to obtain Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs)?


A Moral Trade-Off

Even if pre-emptive airstrikes against Iran’s nuclear facilities kill hundreds of thousands—or millions—of innocent lives, this would be preferable to the potential deaths of billions by nuclear Islamic jihad.  Therefore, killing Iran’s nuclear capability would be more moral than not killing it.  President Obama, to protect America and the world, should take out Iran’s nuclear program.  Not to do so is truly reckless.


Is Obama a Slave of Allah?

President Obama was strongly influenced by Islam growing up.  Obama says, “The Arabic Call to Prayer is the most beautiful sound on earth.”  Could Obama, too, be a slave of Allah?  Is the president a Muslim-sympathizer—or possibly a Muslim himself?  If Obama trusts Iran in a nuclear arms deal, it can only mean one of two things: 1) that, as a Muslim-sympathizer, Obama naïvely trusts Muslims not to carry out the dictates of their own Muhammadan ideology, which is a crazy thing to believe, given the jihad death toll of over 270 million non-Muslims during the last 1400 years; or 2) Obama is a Muslim who supports the Islamic jihad against the Great Satan, America.


Doing the Right Thing

So, no matter how you choose to believe—either that a presidential graduate of Harvard Law is an ignorant supporter of the goals of Islamic jihad, or that he is a covert Muslim who believes in his religion—Obama’s goal of creating the conditions for the success of a Muslim nuclear program is wrong for America and jeopardizes the security not only of America, but of the entire world community.  Nuclear ICBMs have a global reach and must not be allowed in the hands of a doctrinaire Muslim regime.  The American president’s job is to prevent nuclear destruction, not to abet it.


Presidential Insanity

Normal Islamic behavior often seems insane in Western terms.  Honor killings (the Islamically-sanctioned murder of gay and lesbian children or of family members who have converted to other religions) are condoned by Islamic culture, but these same behaviors are vilified and condemned in Western culture.  Islam is wrong to value such things, and Western culture is right to punish them.

Iran Nuke DealAlso, the belief in a Muslim supremacy that justifies the genocide by jihad of all non-Muslims is the same kind of immoral insanity that Hitler made famous during World War Two.  Hitler took his cue from the Muslim genocide against the Christian Armenians in Turkey.

If Obama were to turn out to be a Muslim, or even a Muslim-sympathizer, this could well be the reason he shows the symptoms of a colossal lack of the Western ethical mores, bordering on insanity.  Sane Western values are needed to defend and protect a free republic.  Indeed, if an insane person or a doctrinaire Muslim were elected to the US presidency, and happened to be sympathetic to the goals of Islam, the result could be a deadly nuclear outcome for billions of innocent souls across the planet.


American Dhimmitude: Could Obama Ever Surrender to Iran?

As Commander-in-Chief, it is in President Obama’s power to do the one thing that no other president in the history of the republic has done: surrender the entire nation to Islam.  What if Iran were to reveal, before the end of Obama’s presidency, that it had ICBMs it was willing to use against the US, unless Americans submitted to Allah?  Many Americans do not trust Obama to defend America in such an instance—seeing him as a “better Red than dead” ideologue who would happily submit to Islam.  (During the Cold War with Russia—whose Communists called themselves Reds—there was a leftwing expression: “better Red than dead.”)


The Islamization of America

The fact that President Obama has punished non-Muslims for expressing themselves religiously—in the government, in the military, in the schools, and in the business-world—while, at the same time, promoting the hegemony of Islamic culture everywhere, should be of concern to Americans.  Islam means jihad and slavery, and its promotion goes against the Golden Rule (of which the Bill of Rights—detested by Obama—is merely an elaboration).


An American King: Obama Never Uses Freedom as a Solution

Even though the Constitution designed three co-equal branches of government, in order that America might avoid an imperial presidency from developing, President Obama threatened in a State of the Union Speech, to rule the country by pen and phone: “I have a pen, and I have a phone!”  And, indeed, King Obama’s solution to everything is more submission to government and less freedom.

Obama makes regulations for the economy daily.  He signs executive orders, executive memos, and executive instructions to top bureaucrats to implement policies that carry the weight of law.  All problem-solving is done for the people by the executive branch.  And not even the people’s Representatives are allowed to problem-solve (unless Congress agrees to Obama’s way).  Obama publicly bullies the Supreme Court from his presidential pulpit—and who knows what coercions exist, behind the scenes, when the president is using his pen and his phone to push his agenda on the federal bench?  Furthermore, the president is not averse to ignoring court orders.


Doubting Obama

Is Obama preparing America for submission to Allah, in terms more real than anyone could know?  Is our unsound president really a wolf in sheep’s clothing?  Skepticism and vigilance are watchwords of the day.

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