The Link Between Job Loss and Murder-Suicides

Mohamed Hamada’s book The Trump Revolution is available for FREE here until the election. 
Have You Seen a Two-Foot Coffin, Hillary?

Here is a question for Hillary Clinton. Have you seen a whole family being buried from the parents all the way down to the infants?

Job loss has different social consequences. Gruesome consequences, situations that amounts to the father murdering his whole family and committing suicide.

No one can deny the research that linked the increase in domestic violence, specifically murder-suicide, to the increase in job loss.

No one can deny that the enormous job loss was caused by the globalization agreements.

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Hillary, you should know that job loss is not just numbers, it has a count of dead bodies linked to it. The globalization agreements are few signatures, but with them comes tens of thousands of death certificates signed.

Job loss and consequently home loss yields stress and depression. Everyone has a breaking point. Some people they turn into verbal abusers. Some they turn into physical abusers. Some they turn into murderers and some they turn into suicidal murderers.

Hillary, please don’t blame mental illness only so that you would escape from the responsibility. Assuming that all the humans are stable is like assuming that the seasons are all spring. Human reaction to stress is a spectrum. If some level of stress does not break someone, a bigger stress will. A study is showing that only up to half of the incidents might be attributed to mental illness.

Those who signed the globalization agreement, not only their hands are soaked in blood, the blood that was and is being spilt while we are reading this article is enough to drown them.

I will ignore the number of murders, and abuses due to job loss despite the fact that they are much bigger. I will take only the murder-suicide. How many murder-suicides are committed in America every year since the storm of job loss?

One thousand to 1,500! While not all are due to job loss, we know that job loss is responsible for two to three-fold increase in the risk of suicide murder.

Hillary, is becoming president worth the scene of a two-foot coffin carried by one man?

Hillary, your globalization policies will soak you in blood.

Don’t vote for Hillary. She will gunk your hand with blood while marking her name.

Mohamed Hamada’s book The Trump Revolution is available for FREE here until the election. 

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