The Liberal Election of Barack Obama has Come with a Heavy Cost

For too long, a hidden composite of powerful and unelected schemers have weaved their web without any notice or suspicion.  They were just content to chug along at a slow creeping pace, devoid of any public notice.   However, their protective cover was marginalized when impatience gave way for an Obama breakthrough, and now, the clarity which has emerged has turned many a head.

Since every action begets a reaction, historians will be hard pressed not to acknowledge that when this most valuable asset was sacrificed in hopes of a more reckless agenda, it also created a public reaction that now has rallied around a leader.

The major difference from pre-Obama to the current and post Obama era is that now, necessity has produced what all miscreants fear the most; a curious and energized electorate.  Gone are the days when public trust in government reigned supreme.  Former party loyalty is in shambles.  This former bastion of steadfast support has transformed into a growing sense of suspicion, especially concerning anything even remotely connected with the political hierarchy.

The 2008 elections presented a huge shift within the democrat party.  Going in, it was generally assumed that Hillary would be the party’s nominee.  At the same time, party officials were well aware of that vibrant Barrack Obama speech.  The decision to alter course was no doubt brought about by the possibilities offered from a younger and more intense Obama.  In a way, Hillary was “old school,” a steady but slow advance verses the unlimited freedoms which his racial play card presented.

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There is little doubt that his being “the first” offered a much wider and stronger base from which to further their progressive agenda.  While Hillary’s “to do” list was comparable, her being the “first” female wasn’t.

Obama ominousIn retrospect, Obama’s startling 2008 call to “fundamentally transform the United States” has taken its toll in more ways than expected. Yes, he has brought change, but mostly of the unwanted, un-American and economically disastrous type.

While the cost of Obama’s anti-Americanism has yet to be totaled, suffice to say that its emerging reality has energized a more clear eyed and practical reaction.  Many former believers greet each day with skepticism, with a nagging of being deceived.  Given this rude awakening, our doubt is fused with certainty.  Our eyes and ears are alive with suspicion and curiosities.  Former knee slapping acceptance or certainty of trust is now history.

What goes unreported also works as a call to action.  Tuesday’s debate exemplified this when remembering that it was Dr. Carson who had the unmitigated gall to state that Congress “should declare war’ on ISIS.  Stricken from all the following day written summaries, vocal reviews or follow ups, was Carson’s reference.  It was as if he treaded on sacred ground, to another place and time when Constitutional standards were upheld.

Another Constitutional standard being ignored, with hopes of a final burial was our pesky Presidential requirement of needing to be a “natural born citizen.”  Not only has this been recently shelved, it was theorized that the back and forth between Cruz and Rubio was the debate’s “highlight.”  Odd since both lack that “natural born” status.

And what ever happened to Trump’s correct objection concerning this “anchor baby” insanity or of his recent statement that Muslims need to be deported?  This was heralded as being radical and wacky yet it abides with the dictates from our Immigration and Neutrality Act of 1952 (the McCarran-Walter Act).

That back room decision to scrap Hillary in favor of Barrack, however tempting at the time, may now be viewed as a watershed moment when impatience overtook the soundness of proven tactics, or more descriptive, of when the quiet leak ruptured into an attention attracting gusher.  Now after seven years of disrespect, blatant falsehoods and unconstitutional actions, our sleep is over as his unlawful deeds continue to stir our resentments.

When all is said and done, what the future may hold, dare we hope, may have been foreshadowed by the words of Dr. Carson.   When a Presidential candidate rekindles the legitimacy of a war’s Congressional declaration, a big chunk of Constitutional righteousness just might be returning.

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