The Left’s War on Whiteness

Over the last decade or so, the incredible racial progress that our nation had made over the previous few generations, seems to have been completely wiped away from the stage.

Over the last decade or so, the incredible racial progress that our nation had made over the previous few generations, seems to have been completely wiped away from the stage.

I say “seems” because the data, the facts, tell a different story.

In 1967, when Richard and Mildred Loving were sent to prison for their interracial marriage, less than 3% of Americans had a spouse of a different ethnic background.

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The Loving’s took their case to the Supreme Court, and won. Today, just 40 years later, more than 17% of American households are MIXED ethnically.

We’ve gone from the majority of white Americans saying that they would oppose a family member marrying a black person to “only 14 percent of non-black adults surveyed said they wouldn’t agree with a relative marrying a black person.” That is a massive cultural shift, and it’s the kind of progress we should be cheering… but the success has been lost under the assault of the naysayers who claim that America is as racist as ever.

Sadly, instead of rallying around our shared values and choosing not to judge each other for the “color of our skin” but instead judging each other based on “the content of our character,” the modern regressive left has decided that “whiteness” is a problem.

Today, the most rampant, visible racism in America is aimed at our largest ethnic group, caucasians. This racism doesn’t seem as insipid or dangerous as previous iterations of American racism because we’ve yet to see it play out violently in large numbers (like slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings, etc.). However, I would argue that it is just as dangerous, because it threatens the very fabric of our society and could lead to a terrible schism based solely on ethnicity, if we allow this ugly hatred to continue.

This past week on his podcast, former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly spoke out on the “war against whiteness” and the obvious problems that could arise.

For a long time, skin color wasn’t really much of an issue, in the ’80s and ’90s we didn’t hear a lot. Yeah, you always had your Farrakhans and your Sharptons. We always had those people but — Jackson — race hustlers, but it was a money thing, an industry thing. But now, whiteness has become the issue. Whiteness. So if your’e a white American you are apart of a cabal that either consciously or unconsciously keeps minorities down. Therefore, that has to end and whiteness has to be put aside. That’s what the border is all about. The open-border people, and believe me this is behind the movement in California and in the Democratic precincts. Let everybody in. Everybody in. That would diminish whiteness because minorities would then take over as they have in many parts of California. That’s what that is all about. Getting whiteness out of power. Particularly white men. …

You’re seeing this almost everyday that the white people whether they know it or not is oppressing and creating microaggressions in the minority community. So therefore the white people must be swept out of power. Get them out! Let the LGBTs, and the minorities, they have to run the show. That’s what this is all about. That’s what this is all about and they are making strides like crazy.

He also discussed this issue with Canadian psychology professor Jordan Peterson:

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