The Left Labels Due Process as Pro-Rape

No one is pro-rape, but that’s how Liberals treat those who believe in the rights of the accused to a fair trial.

The Left essentially argues for the reality of rape culture by categorizing unbelievers as pro-rape. They basically support their narrative by bullying anyone who disagrees with them. Thankfully, it looks like Barack Obama’s work to support the rape culture hysteria on college campuses may be reversed by Betsy DeVos. Naturally, leftists are engaging in hysterics about losing their power.

Asche Schow reports in the Federalist: “As Policy Shift Looms, Left Smears Campus Due Process Advocates As Rape Apologists.”

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and her team may be trying to fix the current campus narrative. She hasn’t said whether she would uphold the Obama administration’s 2011 Dear Colleague Letter and subsequent guidance that insisted colleges lower protections for accused students in order to appease activists.

In addition to meeting families of students ultimately found falsely accused of rape, DeVos is meeting with several groups that insist this guidance has led to more false accusations and a culture on campus that sees anyone accused as guilty until proven innocent. Leftist articles about this meeting describe the groups as “men’s rights” groups.

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Slate’s Christina Cauterucci described them as “trolls.” Cauterucci is the same writer who lambasted ESPN’s “30 for 30” documentary about the Duke Lacrosse rape hoax because “it’s a bizarre experience to watch a documentary that expects the viewer to root for a bunch of accused rapists.” But by now everyone knows they were falsely accused. Cauterucci wants us to root instead for someone who falsely accused people of a horrible crime.


None of these groups [that met with DeVos] think rape is acceptable. They simply want protections for accused students put in place and for the hysteria surrounding the issue to stop. A lot of misinformation will be spread by those seeking to hold onto their control of college campuses. But there are two sides to every story, and both sides need to be heard for justice to truly be served.

Read the entire Federalist post.

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