The Left & Its Opposition to the Golden Rule: How the Anti-American Professorate & Faux-News Media Mischaracterize Conservatives

“This is still an occupational hazard of psychoanalysis—thirty years after Freud’s famous remark that ‘a cigar is sometimes just a cigar.’”  —Allen Wheelis, in “The Place of Action in Personality Change,” Psychiatry, 1950

A Student Acts Out, Leftist-Style

Leftist leaders claim that Conservatives are using “dog whistles” in order to pass themselves off as fair-minded to non-Conservatives, while signaling to other Conservatives that they mean something totally different.  Here is an example: A classroom teacher says, “According to the Golden Rule, everyone should be treated the same,” to which a student replies, “You’re a racist!”  The teacher, taken aback, defends himself by pointing out that Dr. Martin Luther King himself led an Equal Rights Movement in the 1950s and 1960s to ensure that the Golden Rule was applied equally across American civil society.  “How dare you appropriate a black cultural figure to promote your white privilege!” the student says.  And suddenly, the entirety of what the teacher was trying to teach had been politicized by a Leftist student.


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The student claimed that affirmative action programs were needed to help blacks get into college, saying the Golden Rule was a way of denying blacks their right to a college education.  “The Golden Rule is just a dog whistle for racism!” the student claimed.  It would also seem that, based upon the student’s remarks concerning cultural appropriation, the study and admiration of important cultural figures not of one’s own race is to be considered “cultural appropriation” and racist, rather than being an appropriate form of learning and admiration.  The idea of “white privilege” was brought up as a means of accusing the teacher of believing he enjoyed special privileges, because he was white, when the exact opposite is true nowadays, when there are job postings saying “whites need not apply”—which has been the case for the casting call of the successful Broadway play Hamilton, a job advertisement for professors at the University of Louisville, and corporate jobs, to name a few examples.


Dog Whistles?

Leftists are constantly claiming that people who believe in Americanism—E Pluribus Unum (“Out of Many One”) and Equal Protection (a form of the Golden Rule)—use “dog whistles” to signal conspiratorially to each other.  We must remember that Leftist Hillary Clinton described the world—using the nomenclature of Chris Lehane —as being a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”


Apparently, Clinton was not a fan of the old saying, often attributed to Freud, that “[a] cigar is sometimes just a cigar.”  And, in the case of Conservatives, this is more often the rule than not.  Conservatives believe in free speech and are generally unapologetic about any lack of political correctness when speaking.  It is the Left who reviles free speech, and it was Democrats who tried to repeal the First Amendment, in 2014, by voting for the Udall Amendment, which would have empowered Congress to regulate political speech.  The faux-news media did not report this, but the text of the proposed amendment is available online: So, who is really conspiring to hurt Americans?  Every one of 53 Democrat senators voted for the Udall Amendment; no Republicans did.  It is the Democrats who wish to shut down diversity of thought and opinion, not Conservatives.  It is the US Constitution that ensures the basic human right to express opinions.  And, amid all the diversity found on the Right, the one set of principles upon which all Conservatives agree is found in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, perhaps the greatest legal embodiment of the Golden Rule ever written.


The Linchpin of Western Civilization

The Golden Rule is the linchpin of Western ethics and law.  It does not require much thought to conclude that the Left does not respect the Golden Rule.  If a Conservative invokes the Golden Rule, by claiming, for example, that “all lives matter,” and not just black lives, he or she will be labeled a racist by CNN, the New York Times, the Guardian, the Democrat Party, and the rest of the intolerant Left.  The Left believes in treating everyone differently.  Sharia-loving Muslims, like Linda Sarsour, are allowed their chance to speak at colleges, despite views that gays and women should be treated differently from heterosexual men; but ex-Muslims, such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who suffered female genital mutilation at the hands of Sharia-compliant Muhammadans like Sarsour, get disinvited from campuses and are often accused of racism, due to their shared view that Western values of equal treatment under the law are superior to misogynistic cultural constructs that fail to acknowledge basic human rights.  And, although Conservatives defend Linda Sarsour’s right to speak (and this writer includes himself in that number), there are few on the Left who would argue for Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s right to be heard (Bill Maher being the well-known odd man out).


Bill Maher, Classical Liberal of the West

Bill Maher has been critical of the practice of disinviting people with whom the Left disagrees. Maher has famously said, “This may surprise you, but I am not a big fan of Rush Limbaugh.  However, if you’re one of the people with a website devoted to making him go away, you are part of the problem.  And ironically, you’re not even a proper liberal because you don’t get free speech.  You’re just a baby who can’t stand to live in a world where you hear things that upset you.”  Maher has had Ann Coulter on his television program, her most well-known appearance being the one where she predicted Donald Trump’s candidacy would succeed, prompting Maher’s Left-leaning audience to laugh raucously, but, in retrospect, proving Maher’s point about needing to hear all sides, since Coulter’s minority view actually turned out to be the correct one.  Maher himself has been threatened with disinvitation as a speaker by UC Berkeley, the same as Coulter.


Classical liberalism

Ralph Raico once said, “Liberalism . . . is based on the conception of civil society as by and large self-regulating when its members are free to act within the very wide bounds of their individual rights.  Among these, the right to private property, including freedom of contract and exchange and the free disposition of one’s own labor, is given a high priority.  Historically, liberalism has manifested a hostility to state action, which, it insists, should be reduced to a minimum.”  American Conservatives subscribe to these notions of classical liberalism, and it used to be true that Democrats also believed in them.  But, since Barack Obama purged the American Left of classical liberals, this is no longer so.  Obama fulfilled his pledge of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” by eliminating the classical liberals in the Democrat Party by taking hard-left political positions on most issues; this ensured increasing levels of defeat for liberal Democrats at the polls—leaving behind statist progressives—in every election year, from 2010 to the present.  In 2017, we find a record number of Republican-controlled legislative chambers and governorships nationwide, not to speak of the US Senate, the House of Representatives, and the US Presidency.


The Golden Rule

Perhaps the strongest formulation of the Golden Rule, to which Western Culture adheres, is Rabbi Hillel’s statement: “Do not do unto others that which you hate done unto yourself.”  This way of stating the rule is most compassionate, because “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18) or “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Matthew 7:12) are positively stated, meaning that any action a person enjoys experiencing—even a masochistic or painful one—is all right for him to do to others.  The negative formulation is wiser, since it commands adherents to the Western notion of Equal Protection—which is enshrined in the US Constitution—to refrain from doing all things unpleasant to the actor.  Hillel’s statement of this rule came about as a result of questioning by a man considering conversion to Judaism.  “I want you to teach me the entire Torah,” said the potential convert, “while I stand on one foot.”  In answer to this request for a quick and concise summary of Jewish law, Hillel said, “Do not do unto others that which you hate done unto yourself—that is the entire Torah.  The rest is commentary, go and study it.”


Leftist Racism

The Left sees the Golden Rule as racist, because they believe in special privileges for some races or categories of people over others.  They refer to these chosen ethnicities or groups as “protected classes.”  But, if you believe in the principle of Equal Protection under the Constitution—the application of the Golden Rule that Dr. Martin Luther King fought and died for—then race-based programs are unfair, because everyone should be treated the same out of fairness.  Dr. King, as a minister, often quoted Leviticus 19:15: “Do not pervert justice; do not show partiality to the poor or favoritism to the great, but judge your neighbor fairly.”  Golden Rule adherents believe in giving equal access to all the extra help students desire to ready them for college.  But having colleges accept students based on identity politics only perpetuates privileges based upon differences, rather than merit.  The Equal Rights Movement was about eliminating race-based favoritism.  Dr. King’s dream of a colorblind society, where people will “not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character” has yet to be fully realized by the US government, due to the racism institutionalized by America’s political Left, by merely converting white privilege to black or brown privilege, as the case may be.


Leftist Lies about Conservatives & Immigrants

Most Conservatives are tired of being called xenophobic racists, because they disapprove of allowing unvetted, and often dangerous, illegal immigrants into the country.  Leftists also call opponents of illegal immigration “anti-immigration,” which is not true.  Obama, whose Open Borders policy allowed for illegals to return repeatedly until they finally killed people, such as Kate Steinle and Jameel Shaw, is often praised, while President Trump, whose policies save lives by keeping criminals out, is reviled.  Since illegals live mainly in minority communities, Trump’s immigration policy primarily saves the lives of minorities, which not really a racist outcome at all.


Although President Trump’s travel ban is against the same seven Muslim-majority countries that Obama’s Department of Homeland Security also banned, on February 18, 2016, CNN and the Democrat media hide the fact that Trump’s executive order suspends travel from the same seven nations Obama suspended.  Obama could have spoken up to set the record straight, but Obama does not play by the Golden Rule—although the former president has been known to insist on fairness from others.


It Is Common Sense to Protect Americans

Opposing entrance into the country by jihadists, wife-beaters, and gay-bashers is not bigoted.  It is merely protecting Americans against people who are hateful, intolerant, and unsafe.  Whether unsafe persons call themselves Muslims or not does not matter; it is not a religion that is being barred entrance, but dangerous behaviors.  Any moral American would prevent bad people from immigrating here.  Nonie Darwish and Ayaan Hirsi Ali are prime examples of women who immigrated to America to escape the oppression of Sharia Law.  Conservatives welcomed these oppressed women with open arms.


Although illegal immigrants are 3.5% of the population, they were 36.7% of federal criminal convictions in Fiscal Year 2014.  So, why is it racist to think illegals are a high-risk group?  According to the Golden Rule, should illegal aliens not receive the same background checks as legal immigrants?  But that would require that they come legally.  And where is the problem with that?  Perhaps, just perhaps, the problem lies with a Left that refuses to honor the Golden Rule.

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