The Left is Suffering the Consequences After Overplaying Their Hand

Overplaying Their Hand

Who didn’t know that Hillary was going to be our next President?  I mean really, how many times did the main stream media (MSM) wrap up with “the path to the White House for Trump is a very narrow one?”

Yet, there were those who stayed rock solid.  We understood that the spin was not in tune with what was happening.  Actions always speak louder than words and the action being played out told a different story.  Still, the MSM kept at it to a point that it may have been self defeating.  And just maybe, this is the cause for their current Trump vindictiveness.

What I mean was that as the MSM spun one tale after another, the happy faces of Hillary supporters were gleefully inundated with the monotonous storyline that it would be a landslide for Clinton.  How much of this does one take before believing that it’s a done deal?

So, on election day, after a hard day at work, or for those who disdain such drudgery, after a day full of happy listening to last minute predictions of a Trump disaster, just how many assumed that their one vote didn’t really matter?  After all, a landslide was about to take place!

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This attitude is natural.  It’s so natural that even Clinton became a kindred spirit.  Remember her discounting the need to campaign in Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan?  Of course she just might have had a pang of greed since why spend campaign funds in States which were supposedly “in the bag?”

Quite simply, the saturation policies emanating from all the liberal networks, combined with the printed word in just about every morning journal became so accepted that its repetitive messaging might well have become boring.

So as the Clinton supporters became assured of her pending presidency, what of the other side. You know, the six packers who prize their guns and their Bibles?  How many would refrain from voting or worse, cross over?  Most likely the answer is zero, but probably, there had to be one!

Really, what was amazing throughout the entire campaign was the MSM’s assuredness of a Clinton lopsided win while every Trump rally reported tens of thousands versus the Clinton hundreds.  This fact countered the media’s storyline but how many noticed?

Also pertinent was the candidate’s message.  Could it be that those huge crowds flocked to Trump because he was addressing issues which had been ignored for too long?  From the first debate, Trump’s verbiage stood apart from the political correct speak of those eyeing votes.  He voiced what he believed and his belief and honesty was publicly embraced.  This one factor separated him from his republican counterparts.

Having attended every Trump performance, it is nonsensical to believe that media pundits didn’t notice the difference.  Regardless of their democrat advocacy, what was taking place had to be of some concern.  In an effort to dismiss the unthinkable, this most likely heightened their Clinton hoopla.

The final blow came shortly before the election when Obamacare premiums started to skyrocket.  Still, despite these political clouds, the media remained in the Clinton corral.

Much has been said about the “intelligent” or “educated’ voter versus those who supported Trump.  Is this a knock on the Trumpers or is it the media trying to substantiate their stubborn Clinton loyalty?  Why else would the MSM punditry continue to praise the irrelevancy of a “popular vote?”  This appears to be a classic denial by the horde of media “experts.”

The only question going into Election Day hovered about the degree of vote-tampering and miscounts which would occur.  But again, the media did such a fantastic job of swaying voters that just maybe those mischief makers also stayed home.

In closing, Trump has been correct about the quality of our “press,” but wouldn’t it be comical if his condemnations might just be his own audacious way of saying, “Thanks, press, for overplaying your hand.”

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