The Last Tool in Their Box

Remarks about “banana republics” are often bandied about in comparisons but this reliance upon the unsubstantiated and now distant hearsay from decades past is not just a tool but a viable weapon. 

In today’s political environs, “unsubstantiated” works!

After experiencing second place or worse, the democrat mules have now donkeyed their tactics onto what can only be described as personal slander.  Sadly, this unsavory reaction from their inept showings on recent election days has become a most effective tool.

The tactic of slander began during the 2012 Presidential season, when Herman Cain was challenging for the Republican primary lead. Suddenly, “several incidents of sexual harassment,” back in 1997, surfaced from a Sharon Bialek.  Despite his initial denial, when Mr. Cain ultimately withdrew his candidacy, Ms Bialek became a supporter of silence.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” may well be the guidance during the recent special election for former Senator Session’s open seat.  Once again, the democrats trotted out the banner of sexual harassment, but for a Christian Judge, the version centered upon under aged girls.  As Selwyn Duke details in his piece, “The ‘McCarthying’ of Roy Moore – And What He Stands For,” such accusations “ranged from the disproven to the unproven”  Still, the democrats caused the public’s questioning of the unfounded which resulted in their lap dog Doug Jones’ slim victory. When challenging the vote total, Moore’s representatives were informed that the recount was already taken and that all such material was destroyed. So much for determining the sway from the many reports of bussed in out-of-Staters.

While the democrat’s usage/reliance upon the unsubstantiated is not limited to the sexual arena, as witnessed by former Sen. Reid’s false accusations against Romney’s tax delinquency, which after Obama’s re-election Reid implied as being a worthy lie, it seems that sex still sells and it’s undefeated dominance offsets the pain when losing congressional/executive control.

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Countering this President’s defiance of what has been a slow stroll from a Constitutional Republic to that of the progressive’s ideal of an American socialist commune, this slanderous bunch must now also contend with two new threats.  In both venues of Speakership and Judgeship, their reliance for the unsubstantiated is old hat!  So it is, with the compliant Paul Ryan announcing his exit, the very real possibility that true American leadership would return with a Jim Jordan Speakership must be ambushed!

Again, allegations are being aired that Jordan “didn’t try to stop a doctor’s alleged sexual misconduct on the Ohio State Universitywrestling team.”  Never mind that the conduct was merely “alleged” and that the accused has since died.  The fact that evidence has yet to be officiated in any of these instances certainly validates the appearance of a slanderous intent.   Considering this Washington Examiner opinion piece by Ashe Schow, which ran on March 31, 2015, entitled, “Harry Reid is proud he lied about Mitt Romney’s taxes” only substantiates this take.  With this admission, the Democrats, in concert with America’s media, have taken useful ownership of their knowingly false, slanderous and unsubstantiated playbook.

With its apparent agreement concerning this format, the media’s rush to print such a damning Wall Street Journal headline regarding Jim Jordan; “Misconduct Allegations Complicate Jordan’s Political Career” insults even more!  It begins with citing Jordan’s “uncertain political future,” even while such 1990’s charges remain rooted within their “alleged” status.  The accused is no longer available and hearsay, often colored by one’s particular bias, remains inadmissible.

Then there’s that other threat which must take precedence, if only for it’s limited time line.  In addition to Gorsuch, the democrat’s most unthinkable came to fruition; another Supreme Court pick for President Trump.  And as their old reliable trudges out, rumors appear concerning Brett Kavanaugh’s possible knowing about the conduct of Ninth Circuit Judge Alex Kosinski; who retired last December after being “accused by several women…of harassing behavior such as groping and showing them pornography.”

These tactics of accusations are now insulting, given the assumption that even hearsay is weighty enough to detour what the party can not.  In each case, nothing has been defined as evidence and as was the older instances,  only the victim’s silence prevails, excepting Reid’s proud admission.

Remarks about “banana republics” are often bandied about in comparisons but this reliance upon the unsubstantiated and now distant hearsay from decades past is not just a tool but a viable weapon.  Is there any wonder as to why many are reconsidering their voter registrations?  Especially when recalling the antics of another Reid like star, Maxine Waters.

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