The Last Thing Minorities in America Want is Equality, and Here’s Why

Recently, Twitter blew up again. But this time, it was not because a celebrity said something stupid, cute, or funny. And it was not because Donald Trump said something that the left could never approve of. This time, it was an ordinary person – I don’t know who – but an ordinary human being that caused a ruckus on Twitter.

The kerfuffle was due entirely to a hashtag – well, it was not really the hashtag itself. But the hatred spawned from perceived notions of entitlement. The #HeterosexualPrideDay was the reason so many took to Twitter and other social media to express their joy. Sure it was a joke, but this joke was taken very seriously by those who found no humor in it.

For some reason, the left – especially the very vocal, yet small minority, LGBT community – did not take too kindly to having their Gay Pride Day or Month treaded on by the likes of “breeders.” They did not laugh. They did not join in on the fun. They did not want to allow straight people to express their pride and joy of being heterosexual. You see, even though the gay community has gotten almost all that it has wanted over the last 40 years, the one thing they don’t seem to want is equality.

They claim to want equality such as equality in marriage, equality in the workplace, equality in religion, equality in government, equality in the military, and equality on the streets. Well, actually they don’t want equality on the streets, because if they actually got full equality on the streets – meaning, nobody cares who they love or sleep with – then they would stop being a minority. Then they would become part of the mainstream of America.

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Believe it or not, the vocal LGBT cannot have that. This is why they keep adding letters to the LBGT line because they must create even greater minorities so that they keep their special place as being oppressed and lesser citizens.

The last thing any minority really wants is to lose their status as a minority. They will fight, claw, scrap, and yell to keep their minority status. Some will even go so far as to actually FAKE racism or whatever “phobia” they wish to use.

By the way, one does not FAKE such things unless they wish to stay a minority in order to keep the special benefits they derive from being such a minority.

So you see, the gay community could not allow for heterosexuals to have a fake pride day because it would diminish their status as being a minority. And if their status were to be diminished as a minority, it would, because the vast majority of Americans have accepted them into the fold of full citizenship on the street.

Look at it this way. America voted for a (half) black man to be president not once, but twice. Yet you hear from the leaders of the black community that America is more racist than ever. How can that be if the majority of voters in this country voted for a minority to be their president?

Well, they have to scream racism in order to keep their minority status and all the benefits that come with being an oppressed minority. Black leaders cannot allow blacks to be viewed by the masses as being just like everyone else. It does not serve those black leaders. It does not serve the left.

You see, equality is a two‐way street. Sure you have to have acceptance from those who are not IN your community, but you must also accept the fact that those who are not IN your community have come around to accepting you into the greater community as a whole.

But that would mean they would no longer be a minority, and let’s face it, those who lead these cries for justice, in reality, don’t want real social justice. They just want to be able to keep screaming that people are racist, or homophobic, or whatever‐phobic they choose.

Isn’t it sad that some folks just can’t accept being accepted into the greater community? Isn’t it sad, that some minorities can’t and won’t live MLK’s dream where a man (or woman) is judged not by the color of their skin, (or by who they love or sleep with) but by the content of their character?

Well, I think we are the ones judging the content of their character and we find that character to be lacking in truth, justice, and the American way of life.

Was that a racist or phobic statement? According to the minority, only the minority can decide that. See the problem?


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