The Kevin Williamson Firing Is Only the First Shot in a War

Actually, the Kevin Williamson firing is not even the first shot.

What the Kevin Williamson firing means is that Liberals will only tolerate you, if you completely surrender.

Actually, the Kevin Williamson firing is not even the first shot. Before him there was James Damore who was fired for trying to start a conversation about gender that was informed by science. And before him there was Brandon Eich who was fired from the company he started, Mozilla, because he contributed to the successful California campaign to define marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman.

There are going to be many more firings, all in the name of Liberal tolerance.

The Federalist reports, “Firing Kevin Williamson Is Just the Beginning

The firing of Kevin Williamson from The Atlantic on the day he was set to give an opening Q&A in their offices was sadly unsurprising given the pattern of these types of hires. It is an incident that will be referred to largely as a “media story”, meaning that Williamson is not a figure so prominent nor The Atlantic a brand so ubiquitous as to graduate this to a national story, in the way that the situations of Brendan Eich at Mozilla or James Damore at Google became national cable news stories. But they really are the same story, a story about the times that we live in and the changing nature of America. They tell a story about what happens when a talented individual has deeply held beliefs those in his profession find unacceptable.

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This story is a predictable continuation of the left’s ownership not just of media but indeed of all institutions. It is depressing. It is predictable. And it is where we are as a country now. It is not confined to the realm of ideas. Eich, Damore, Williamson and others are subject to blacklists and HR reports and firing in every arena of industry and culture. If you have wrongthink, you will not be allowed for long to make your living within any space the left has determined they own – first the academy, then the media, then corporate America, and now the public square. You will bake the cake, you will use the proper pronoun, and you will never say that what Planned Parenthood does is murder for hire, and should be punished as such under the law.


That is what is required to make ones living primarily from these institutions: you must bend the knee. […] The point is that the audience, for all their airs about diversity of viewpoints, really just wants their existing views re-expressed to them in different forms and by different voices. Get through the diversity veneer, and you’ll find the same rule: No wrongthink can be tolerated.

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