The Justin Trudeau U.S. NAFTA Campaign Will Skip Trump

The Canadian PM plans a three-city tour as a NAFTA campaign, but Washington D.C. is not on his schedule.

So, Justin Trudeau is touring the U.S. in February as part of a NAFTA campaign to rally support. He will be stopping in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago, but not Washington, D.C. Notice that he’s not even visiting a purple region—only major urban centers inside blue states.

Why not visit New York City? My guess: Because that’s where Trump Tower is and he doesn’t want to risk meeting the President.

Justin Trudeau and his people should have thought about how unmanly this makes him look.

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MarketWatch reports, “Canadian prime minister to bypass Trump in visit to U.S. to rally support for NAFTA.

Justin Trudeau plans to visit Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago from Feb. 7 to Feb. 10 in an effort to “further strengthen the deep bonds that unite Canada and the United States,” as his office put it.

The visit by Trudeau will come shortly after the latest round of negotiations by the U.S., Mexico and Canada to salvage NAFTA. Trump has warned he will pull out of the trade pact unless Mexico and Canada grant certain concessions that both countries have been resisting.

The visit is part of a surprisingly aggressive strategy by Canada to forestall a U.S. exit and hit back at sanctions […]

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