The Impeachment Trap Snares Democrats

Democrats know that extreme Anti-Trump positions turn off voters, but their radical members have them stuck in an impeachment trap.

The mainstream media is admitting that “the resistance” is putting the Democrats in an impeachment trap. The politicians know that impeaching Donald Trump is not a winning issue that appeals to the voters they will need to win elections. Nevertheless, impeachment is a slogan for extremist Democrats and their extremist base. Thus, Democrats are stuck in a dilemma between turning off general voters and offending their base.

The New York Times reports, “A Billionaire Keeps Pushing to Impeach Trump. Democrats Are Rattled.

Democratic leaders have pressed one of their most prolific donors privately, urging him to tone down his campaign calling for President Trump’s impeachment. They have prodded him in public, declaring on television that they consider impeachment an impractical idea. And party strategists have pleaded with Democratic candidates for Congress not to join in.

But that donor, Tom Steyer, a California billionaire, has only intensified his attacks in recent weeks. Buoyed by tens of millions of dollars in television commercials — financed out of his own pocket and starring him — Mr. Steyer has become one of Mr. Trump’s most visible antagonists, firing up angry Democrats and unnerving his own party with the ferocity of his efforts.

Mr. Steyer is likely to unsettle national Democrats further in the coming weeks, with a new phase of his campaign aimed at pushing lawmakers in solidly liberal seats to endorse impeachment. Having collected more than four million email addresses from people who signed an impeachment petition, Mr. Steyer has begun prodding those voters to call congressional offices and lobby them for support.

Plus, there is this kind of political pornography.

Read the entire NYT story.

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