The “Hypocritical” Church Must Continue it’s Call for Repentance!

In a previous article, I wrote about the “irony of the Zero Diversity Household”; where I discussed the irony of the “diversity crowd” celebrating “marriage” with no diversity. As I have interacted with more people discussing this topic, it has become clear that the irony doesn’t stop there. One of the most pervasive arguments being used against Christians in the debate over celebrating homosexuality can be summed up like this:  “The church is hypocritical because it accepts divorce, adultery, fornication and pornography (all of which are called sin in the Bible) but is not accepting of homosexuality”. Christians are accused of singling out one particular sin and making it “worse” than others, or even treating it like it is “unforgivable”.

As Christians we are being urged to recognize our “hypocrisy” and embrace homosexuality with love and acceptance just as we have other sexual sins. There are too many problems with this logic to list, but the irony of it is where I will start. First of all, I will carefully define my terms. A Christian is a follower of Christ who actually believes the Bible and tries to live by it. The Church is the Biblical term for the worldwide population of these believers, and local bodies made up of these followers of Christ are also called churches. So, if Christians were being hypocritical in this way, calling us on this error should cause us to eliminate the error rather than expand it. In other words, the argument itself is hurting the agenda of the pro-homosexual groups, as it should. It also makes it obvious that these same people recognize that homosexuality is indeed a sin.

The logic of the argument is like telling someone, “you have a hole in your boat and it’s sinking, so you better poke a couple more holes right away”. The argument fails completely when you define Christians and the Church as I have done above. I have worked in several Churches and attended many others across the US. I have never been to a Church that “embraces” any sexual sin. There are, of course, many organizations that call themselves “churches” that have thrown off all Biblical standards of morality. However, the argument is obviously not directed at these institutions because most of these so-called churches have already rejected God’s standards, and accepted homosexuality. False churches that ordain homosexual “pastors” and support the homosexual agenda typically have no problem with the “same sex marriage” question.

upside-down-church-1Does the Church have a problem with hypocrisy? Of course it does; it is full of human beings, and humans are amazingly good at saying one thing and doing another. This in fact is the nature of sin itself. The Apostle Paul said, “I do the things I do not want to do, and I do not do the things I know I should” (Rom 7: 15). The Church also deals with many people who are still in the world, but seeking the truth. If they find only the world and its values in the “church” they will NOT find the Truth there. Therefore, we hold up God’s standard, a light that clearly divides between the sin and darkness in each of us and His perfection. We are not the standard, nor is our behavior. We strive daily to be like Him, and he gives us strength to overcome whatever weakness we may have.

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God makes it clear in His word that sin leads to death…  that is spiritual death that eternally separates us from Him. He also clearly states that if we admit our sin, repent from it and follow Him, He will forgive us for all unrighteousness and treat us as if we have never sinned. Because of this, the true Church clearly defines sin for all who enter and allows the conviction brought upon each individual to become the catalyst for change. Sometimes this is a painful, even devastating process because no one likes to admit they are wrong, sinful and capable of great evil. Of course we could make a lot of people happy by compromising with their idea of morality, but that would be the true hypocrisy; saying we follow God but following men instead.

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