The Hill Whitewashes YouTube Robbery of Conservatives

The YouTube robbery of conservatives and others who built businesses relying on YouTube’s terms of service is mentioned but not covered.

I thought the YouTube robbery of their creators was never going to be covered. But The Hill finally reported on what conservatives and libertarians have been outraged by for the past month: “Online right fumes after YouTube ad crackdown.” As you can tell from the headline, not only is the story way late, but the Hill makes the conservative reaction the story rather than YouTube’s bait and switch. They offered a platform then took it away after people invested time and money in it.

And their appeal system is useless.

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According to the Hill,

Luke Rudkowski, a YouTube video creator who has made his name chronicling various far-right figures, released a video on Aug. 10 claiming that hundreds of his videos had been demonetized at the beginning of the month, effectively killing his ability to make money on the platform.

“I haven’t even been cursing in any of my videos,” Rudkowski said, acknowledging that many of his videos are controversial. “And then YouTube invites people for this platform, which I joined and put my entire life into. And then YouTube just says, ‘You know? We’re going to change our terms and services.’”

YouTube says that while it respects principles of free speech, its policies are aimed at making sure advertisers’ needs are met.

“There’s a difference between the free expression that lives on YouTube and the content that brands have told us they want to advertise against,” a YouTube spokesperson said. “Part of giving advertisers choice means giving them the choice to not run ads on sensitive content.”

The company said that creators who feel that their content was incorrectly classified can file an appeal with Youtube.

But “Diamond and Silk,” two prominent YouTube creators who were hit hard by the site’s demonetization policies, believe they were targeted for their support for President Trump.

“How was it OK to monetize our videos for the past two years and now those same videos are no longer eligible for monetization?” the two women, who have also appeared regularly on Fox News, asked.

Pertinent facts, such as YouTube giving organizations like the ADL authority to decide what counts as hate speech, are missing from this whitewash. Nor the fact that their mistreatment of creators penalizes them though they do not violate their terms of service,

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