The Hidden Weapon of the Liberals: Public Education

“The writer is the engineer of the human soul.” -Joseph Stalin

Why do I quote one of the most evil men in history to begin an article about education? Simple, I am making a harrowing prediction about our country’s future. I find it necessary at this point to inform you of the background story. In my Senior English class (which I am also taking for college credit which makes this twice as frightening), we are reading a textbook called Everything’s an Argument by Andrea A. Lunsford and John J. Ruszkiewicz. I would not say this on its own seems concerning, in fact I would argue it is quite the opposite. I am a huge proponent of balanced debates, but this book has a slight liberal bias (yes I am being sarcastic about the “slight” part).

The most sickening example occurs in Chapter 4, or the logos chapter, which is supposed to be about arguments based on facts and reasoning. Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper college textbook without leading the chapter off with a liberal columnist. It is important to note that the following column was staged in a positive light as an attack on the mainstream media; however, his rebuttal was extremely inaccurate. Paul Krugman in his blog column “The Cult that is Destroying America” states that not only is the media moderate, but that Obama is in fact a CONSERVATIVE President. When I first read this naturally I was confused, so I re-read it. I was correct.

This is why I am bringing Joseph Stalin into this piece. The liberalization of America’s education system has been ongoing for decades now, and I have written about it before, and I am using my pen as the ultimate weapon yet again in a noble attempt to mitigate the left’s efforts at twisting America’s youth towards their illogical policies.

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I fear my efforts are too little too late. At my school, in a traditionally centrist Democratic city, I have heard almost no support for Hillary, and every liberal is talking about voting for Bernie Sanders. This is a terrifying notion, especially considering the reasoning behind their support. One of my classmates said, “I’m going to vote for him because he’s going to make us more like Europe.” Granted, she has been to Europe twice, so knowing liberal logic she’s probably thinking he can magically change our architecture and geography to be more European, but she ignored the fiscal part of his policies. She simply said that Europe “has everything right” and if we go bankrupt “we’ll be bailed out and nothing bad will ever happen to us.” Yes America, this is the kind of crap that our youth is starting to believe, and frankly the liberal education material helps their underground plan. I do not see any way that can be denied logically (I am talking real logic, not liberal logic).

I am not suggesting you pull your kids out of public school, rather you need to teach them what is right and how to tell their colleagues what is right in several regards, especially why socialism’s poison will not treat us differently than it has the USSR or the near-bankrupt European nations.

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