The Heroes of the Cajun Navy Save 160 Hurricane Florence Victims, Earn Trump’s Thanks

The Cajun Navy was there to help as the surf pounded and the rains fell and thousands found themselves in worse shape than they expected from the Hurricane.

As the surf pounded and the rains fell, thousands of east coast residents found themselves in worse shape than they expected from Hurricane Florence. But the Cajun Navy was there to help!

ABC News reports that the Cajun Navy saved 160 people in North Carolina on Friday morning, many of whom were stranded on the roofs of cars and their homes.

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“The tide came up really strong — five to eight feet, they’re saying — and a lot of the people did not get out … got stuck in conditions on the roads,” Todd Terrell, the founder of the Cajun Navy, told ABC News. “So a lot of people we were rescuing from the tops of their vehicles.”

The Cajun Navy is an informal volunteer group — comprising mainly of private boat owners — who assist in search and rescue efforts. The organization was formed after Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana in 2005.

Around 310 people from nine different states are on the ground in New Bern, North Carolina, providing resources and manpower to first responders, Terrell said. Some have traveled hundreds of miles to help in any way they can — including getting people out with air mattresses when boats can’t be used.

“The winds were so high, we couldn’t get [the boats] in there because the winds were toppling them and it was making it unsafe for us, so we had to use a couple of air mattresses and float people out,” Terrell said.

President Trump also jumped in to praise the Cajun Navy.

According to Breitbart News:

President Donald Trump celebrated the “Cajun Navy,” a group of citizen volunteers who traveled to rescue citizens from the wrath of Hurricane Florence.
“We love the Cajun Navy – THANK YOU!” Trump wrote on Twitter on Friday, sharing a video of the group.

The Cajun Navy was formed after Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana in 2005. They also rescued hundreds of victims in the 2017 hurricane season in Texas during Hurricane Harvey. About 1,000 volunteers traveled up to the Carolinas to help with victims of Hurricane Florence.

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