The Healing Begins? Cruz says Rubio could be a “Terrific Person to Consider” for VP!



It’s Happening!

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Could this be it? Could we finally be seeing the GOP healing as it coalesces around Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) as the anti-Trump presidential candidate? For the last month or so we’ve watched in stilted amazement as more and more GOP establishment figures have begun to offer their wary endorsements of Senator Cruz. To be sure, they still don’t like the man. Cruz is still considered by most of the establishment to be too headstrong, too ideologically rigid, and too principled to be the Party’s leader. But he does have one thing going for him: he’s not a wildcard. The GOP establishment may hate Cruz’s conservatism, but at least with him they know exactly where they stand and exactly where he’ll stand. The same cannot be said about Donald Trump, and that has forced them to cautiously shift their support behind Cruz.

Sadly, this shift from other candidates towards Cruz has not been enough to suture the wounds created over the last six months by a hard fought primary. However, this week’s dueling interviews with Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Senator Cruz may be our first indications that the healing has indeed begun. Earlier this week, Rubio told conservative activist and radio/TV host Mark Levin that Cruz is the only conservative in the race and that he hopes the delegates at the RNC will nominate a conservative. Then on Wednesday night, Senator Cruz offered effusive and expressive praise for Senator Rubio. A man that Cruz believes is “an amazing communicator”, an inspiration, and would be a “terrific person to consider for VP”!

Anderson Cooper: Marco Rubio just yesterday said he hopes, quote, ‘they’ll nominate a conservative and the only one that fits that criteria’ is you. Is there a chance we could see a Cruz/Rubio unity ticket? The two of you could cut a deal in which he gives you his delegates? 

Ted Cruz: I think very, very highly of Marco. I appreciated those kind comments he made. He’s an amazing communicator. One of the best communicators in the Republican party. And he ran a campaign that inspired millions across this country. It inspired me. 

When he ran for senate in 2010, his underdog race in Florida inspired me. It was one of the inspirations that led me to run two years later in Texas. I think in world of Marco.

Anderson Cooper: Is that really true? You had tough words during the campaign. Is that part of how it works?

Ted Cruz: It’s a campaign. He was trying to beat me. I was trying to beat him. That’s what happens in a campaign. I consider Marco a friend.

Anderson Cooper: Could you see a Cruz/Rubio ticket? 

Ted Cruz: Anyone would naturally look at Marco as one who would be a terrific person to consider for VP. We’re in the process of considering a number of different options… He would be someone you’d be a fool not to look at seriously. He’s very, very talented.

Let the HEALING begin!

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