The Hate Continues: Homes Vandalized With Anti-Trump Graffiti

WTSP out of Tampa Bay, Florida is reporting more vandalism and damage to people’s property by those outraged by the election results:

Two homes near the Lakewood Crest subdivision were vandalized with anti-Donald Trump messages overnight Monday.

A small fire to a trailer was also reported on the property located at Williams Road and Bryan Road as well.

The spray painted messages read “F*** Trump,” “Burn Everything” and “BLM,” which ostensibly refers to the Black Lives Matters group.

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A neighbor told 10News reporter Sarah Hollenbeck that “The hate has to stop right now.”

As upset as most conservatives were that Obama won the presidency the last two go-arounds while liberals thumbed their noses at us in celebratory brattiness, we all still had to go to work everyday and take care of our families. The world didn’t end. We moved on. And we’re still here.

These liberals outraged by the election results don’t have any jobs – except as paid rioters and looters – so they have time to go around and destroy people’s property out of hatred and envy, knowing that the media will defend them. It’s all Trump’s fault for beating Hillary Clinton and the media at their own game.

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