The Gorsuch Appointment Demonstrates the Folly of #NeverTrump

To remember how blessed we are that Trump defeated Hillary, think about what the Gorsuch appointment will mean this year.

The cases coming before the Supreme Court demonstrate the importance of the Neil Gorsuch appointment and, therefore, the importance of defeating Hillary Clinton. A recent Bloomberg story reviewing the cases coming before the Supreme Court admits up front that this year will demonstrate “how much was at stake” in filling the Supreme Court vacancy.

The fact that a few NeverTrump “conservatives” still act like the Trump presidency is an unmitigated disaster only shows that their arrogance has overwhelmed their intelligence.

Bloomberg reports, “Here Are the Biggest Cases Coming Up at the Supreme Court This Term.

Justice Neil Gorsuch’s first full term on the U.S. Supreme Court promises to show just how much was at stake with his appointment.

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The term that opens Monday is full of ideologically divisive cases that could turn on a single vote, starting with arguments over worker class-action lawsuits and political gerrymandering of election districts. The court will consider whether gay rights must yield to business owners’ religious beliefs, and the justices on Thursday added a fight over mandatory union fees paid by government workers.

The term “will be momentous,” Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg predicted this month in a speech at Georgetown University Law Center.

It might also be a conservative rout, given President Donald Trump’s selection of Gorsuch to fill what ended up being a 14-month vacancy. Gorsuch took a seat Democrats had tried to fill with Judge Merrick Garland, former President Barack Obama’s nominee who never got a vote in the Republican-controlled Senate. Since he was confirmed in April, Gorsuch has aligned himself with the court’s conservative wing.

Gorsuch’s presence could make the difference in many of the court’s biggest cases in the nine-month term.

The article goes on to review the cases. Read the entire Bloomberg article.

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