The GOP’s Presidential Primary Rules are Not that Difficult to Understand

I am amazed at how many GOP voters are worried that the Republicans will be “stealing” the nomination from either Donald Trump or Senator [score]Ted Cruz[/score] (R-TX).

As the rules stand now, the Party does not have much wiggle room to do anything about the leading candidates. If the rules go unchanged (which is the likeliest outcome), then the Party will be unable to stop both of these candidates in this election cycle (though they could keep one of the two of them from winning the nomination). Each day it seems more likely that the Party will continue coalescing around Senator Cruz as the better option for the Party in 2016.

While we should still keep an eye out for GOP duplicity, Ramesh Ponnuru explains why GOP Primary voters should hold on to hope that the GOP will be unable to pull a fast one at the convention.

RAMESH PONNURU: I don’t think majority rule is all that difficult or arcane for people to understand…

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He’s got to do three things. Get as many bound delegates as he can through the voting, second, actually compete in this delegate selection process, where so far Sen. Cruz’s people have been the only ones actually showing up to the interview in a suit and a tie. And third he’s got to actually organize an effort to sway supporters of the other campaigns on a second ballot, which we’ve heard nothing about from the Trump campaign.

Again, the GOP leadership is likely hoping that they’ll be able be to force the nomination of a more palatable establishment candidate at the convention, but the truth is that, under the current rules, this will be quite difficult to accomplish. However, if the Party is somehow able to change the rules between now and the convention, allowing the possibility of a third candidate to win the nomination… then we can revisit this conversation about a “stolen” nomination.

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