The GOP should Fight Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee with the Constitution, not by Circumventing it!


Our good friend Jonathon Dunne is getting frustrated with politicians on both sides of the aisle in the fight over replacing Justice Scalia on the Supreme Court.

While Democrats have stopped pretending to care about the rights and privileges afforded us in the constitution, Republican response to Obama on replacing Scalia has run contrary to the constitution as well.

Listen as Dunne argues for a constitutional response from both sides of the political aisle.

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From Freedom’s Disciple:

I am becoming very troubled at the lack of respect for the Constitution on BOTH sides of the aisle. The Constitution is like principles – they are easy to stand for when they suit / benefit you, the hard part is standing for them when they hurt you. I am appalled at the answers and messaging coming from the GOP and most of the Presidential candidates regarding the replacement of Antonin Scalia. Either they don’t know the Constitution or care more about political games than the Constitution and it needs to stop before it hurts the American people.

Lastly I pays tribute to the late great Antonin Scalia (RIP) and addresses the lawsuits Donald Trump is currently filing. You can listen below or on SoundCloud or ITunes:

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