The GOP Joke is on Us, Paul Ryan = John Boehner

Paul Ryan is our new John Boehner. He just proved that by overseeing the latest $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill which gained widespread bipartisan support and flew through both houses of Congress.

Ryan might actually be worse than Boehner. People knew Boehner was a rat traitor. They don’t know that about Ryan yet, so he was able to father this monstrosity of a spending bill largely uncontested. Here’s hoping he won’t remain uncontested.

Republicans have a majority in the House and the Senate. What are they doing with that majority? Monterey Jack. The question has been asked: Would this omnibus spending bill be different if Democrats controlled Congress? The answer: No.

Here are some of the worst things from the bill, to whet your outrage.

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1) Even more debt spending:

The Bipartisan Budget Act set a maximum amount of discretionary spending, not a spending goal that had to be obtained. Since its enactment in 2011, the Budget Control Act caps set by the law have been exceeded each year.

2) Continued funding to Planned Parenthood:

The trillion-dollar budget deal would continue to allow hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funds, from both discretionary funding under Title X and from Medicaid reimbursements, to flow to Planned Parenthood Federation of America affiliates—despite recent disturbing videos showing Planned Parenthood officials haggling over the price of body parts of aborted babies.

3) Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act Rider

The bill passed by Congress also strips away many of the previous anonymization provisions included in previous versions of CISA, which has drawn significant criticism from the security community. In effect, the new language clears the way for an open channel between tech companies and the government, unaffected by existing privacy laws.

That’s just a few of the things you should be angry about in this bill. There are 14 riders attached to the omnibus bill. It’s a monster. It’s unjust. It’s disgusting. Paul Ryan should be ashamed. But he’s not.

Also, does anyone remember who the last Republican candidate for Vice President was? Oh, yeah. Paul Ryan. When are you going to wake up, America? If Romney and Ryan had been elected, you really think anything would be different now? If you do, you’re an idiot. There is no Republican solution to America’s problems. There is no Democrat solution. They are the problem.


from Last Resistance

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