The Father of a Benghazi Victim Calls Hillary Clinton a “SCUMBAG”!


Last week CNN interviewed Patricia Smith, the mother of Sean Smith, one of the men killed during the terrorist assault on the consulate at Benghazi 3 years ago. During that interview, Smith berated Hillary Clinton, calling her a liar and laying out in explicit detail the callous and immoral behavior that has left a grieving mother without any answers.

“She’s lying! She’s absolutely lying! She told me something entirely different at the casket ceremony. She said it was because of the video and that she would get back to me and tell me what happened with my son.”

Now another parent, Ben Doherty, is speaking out, and he isn’t pulling any punches either.

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Ben Doherty is the father of former Navy SEAL Glen Doherty, another one of the Benghazi victims, and he recently spoke with NECN about Hillary Clinton’s (then upcoming) testimony before the Benghazi Committee in Washington, D.C.

The obviously heartbroken and grieving father told NECN that he wouldn’t be watching Clinton’s testimony and that he lays much of the blame squarely at the feet of Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration. Doherty echoed the words of Patricia Smith, arguing that Hillary Clinton is indeed a despicable liar.

“She’s a scumbag, in my opinion… Well I think that she pulled all the troops out of the embassy, he had no backup. He burnt alive. She said it’s no big deal, it’s a big deal to me, he’s my son and I loved him.”

Interestingly enough, Doherty’s ex-wife (and Glen Doherty’s mother) holds a starkly different opinion and seems to be a firm Hillary supporter, arguing that it’s Republicans who have politicized the lying and the cover-ups that Clinton engaged in.

“They’re looking at the wrong place. If you read carefully what was going on, many people made many mistakes, which is normal in confusion. After a few days, the facts were out, and they’re really chasing the wrong person. They’re hoping to defeat her and it’s not going to work,” Barbara Doherty told NECN.

I’m not sure how Barbara Doherty can believe what she is saying here, especially after listening to the experience of both her ex-husband and Patricia Smith. Couple their firsthand experiences with the fact that we learned last week that Clinton was telling everyone (not in the media) that Benghazi was indeed a terrorist attack just hours after the attack took place, but then in the days following they pretended to believe that it was actually due to some YouTube video and a “spontaneous” uprising, and the idea that Clinton is innocent becomes thoroughly ridiculous.

I, for one, tend to agree with Patricia Smith and Ben Doherty. Hillary Clinton is a liar and worse, she has committed dastardly crimes against the American people. She should be rotting in prison not running for president.

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