The Fantastic Hillary Clinton Parodies


The very funny folks who produce “Taiwanese Animators” have hit a home run with a recent production that focuses on the seriously unfunny subject of a possible Hillary Clinton presidency.

Hillary Clinton has balled up all the aggression from her defeat at the hands of Barack Obama to fuel her bid for the White House. She’s on track to be the Democratic Party presidential candidate for 2016. And we can’t think of a better way to celebrate her efforts than to have a laugh at her shortcomings.

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To the tune of I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor:

At first I was dismayed, I was horrified.

I should have won 2008 by a landslide.

But then I spent so many nights

thinking how Obama did me wrong.

And I grew strong,

and I wrote this comeback song.

And now I’m back!

Gonna own the place.

Oval is mine now,

I’ve started measuring those damn drapes.

Gotta change that front door lock.

Secret Service take away your key.

Gonna break through that glass ceiling,

gonna make some history.

Go on now go!

Walk out the door.

Might as well resign now,

‘cuz they don’t want you anymore.

They gonna vote for me,

though I haven’t told them why.

But you know I ain’t humble,

I ain’t beyond a lie.

Oh no, not I!

I will survive.

As long as I know how to lie,

I know I’ll stay alive.

Not much time for me to live,

so I’ve got one last shot to give

and I’ll survive,

I will survive, Yeaaaahh!

To the tune of Katy Perry’s Perfect Storm:

I’ve got the cash —

two billion in my Super PAC.

It’s my time — I mean your time.

Bernie what you laughing at?

‘Cuz I can say,

I say almost anything

and make it rain.

I can make it rain.

Are you ready for, ready for

your female lord, female lord?

‘Cuz once I’m in, once I’m in —

there’s no going back.

To the tune of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing:

Don’t stop deceiving…

You know we’re gonna crack that ceiling…

Sheep-like, people, oh, oh oh oh….

Don’t stop deceiving…

You know we’re gonna have them kneeling…

Sheep-like people…

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