The Families of the Charleston Shooting Victims Speak Out – Forgiving Dylann Roof for His Evil Crimes!

I am utterly at a loss for words.

In my life I have seen beauty – the sun setting over the Gulf of Mexico, the morning fog lifting in the Great Smoky Mountains, the great expanse of the heavens on a clear night in North Georgia, my bride on our wedding day, our children as they entered the world, and now – forgiveness that was undeserved and undesired. The families of the victims of those killed at Mother Emanuel AME church in Charleston spoke out during a bond hearing for the racist villain Dylann Roof this past week, and what they had to say was absolutely beautiful. They raised their voices and together chose to not allow hate any place in their church. Together they chose to LOVE. In an astonishing and, yes, beautiful series of comments, they spoke forgiveness to Dylann Roof, they begged mercy on him from God, and they even called him to confess, repent and be saved. The last actions would make Roof their brother and ensure that instead of receiving eternal judgment, he would spend the rest of eternity with the very people whose lives he took and whose families he so decimated!


Charles C. W. Cooke, an atheist who writes for National Reviewtweeted:

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“I am a non-Christian, and I must say: This is a remarkable advertisement for Christianity.”


What love, what mercy, what grace, what beauty.


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