The Fall of Marco Rubio

I am writing this on “the morning of,” here in Florida.  Yes, another day in paradise, as the promo says.  However, today will not be so pleasant for [score]Marco Rubio[/score] as his failed machinations will receive their final grade.

As the youngest candidate still standing in our 2016 Presidential race, his gift to gab has finally been neutered by his impatience, disloyalty and lack of appreciation.  In short, here is a man who chased the ultimate ring through an uncaring and ruthless style of campaigning.

His most glaring gaffe was the manner in which he turned against his political mentor, Jeb Bush.  With his first Senatorial term still in session, he never-the-less jumped for a Presidential bid.  And with Bush joining him on stage, a customary respect was waved as he dove into the political fray which included his former benefactor’s public undoing.

His obvious lack of loyalty became undressed as he assailed boss Bush relentlessly.  What he overlooked was that the voter also took notice.  Here was a man that was immensely important to Rubio’s political stardom, and yet, Rubio lashed out without any hesitation and with less respect.

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A major point which the media glossed over was Rubio’s January 2015 vote for H.R. 1314, which included the Trade Promotion Authority section.  This TPA portion reduces our national independence onto the authority of regional trading blocs, which isn’t Constitutionally authorized.

gangofeightWhile he and his “gang of eight” chums garnered much of the media’s limelight, as they co-authored their immigration evil, it is that TPA bill which actually defines Rubio’s true self.  This came roughly a year prior to his back stabbing of Bush, yet in addition to his immigration reversal, it paints a picture of a ruthless but smooth talking politician who only recognizes his own self interest and worth.

Within the details of that TPA legislation, Congress would also shift its authority for regulating commerce with foreign countries over to the Executive branch of Government.  Rubio had no qualms as he voted in favor of such an unconstitutional give away.

Like him or not, Trump correctly evaluated Rubio during the debating schedule.  His taunt “little Marco” was catered for inciting the inner Marco, the truer Marco, the disloyal Marco.  It worked.  Finally, Marco revealed his hidden and contemptuous nature with his now infamous “hands” remark.  Then, sensing his faux pas, he apologized while citing his children as partial reason for his humiliation.  I guess it never occurred to this opportunist that he alone uttered the insults and that he alone should atone for his behavior.

Rubio was and is an opportunist.  I say that based upon his Tea Party backing in 2010.  Compare that ideal with his record in the Senate.  As the Presidential debating circuit heated up, Rubio abandoned both his Senate duties and his representation of his fellow Floridians, in lieu of his next agenda, becoming President.  Again, the voters took notice.

During Rubio’s years as a Senator from Florida, his style of representation, even his back home interest, can be summed up as the Mayor of Tampa continues to be holding thin air.  He has yet to meet his State’s youngest rookie Senator, and Tampa is no backwater town.

His oratory skills are unequalled by fellow debaters, but that alone, especially in today’s political climate, is a small part of the packaging.  A solid record, and more importantly, an honest interest for and time spent with those he represents impresses and endears more.  This he lacks.

Let’s face it, in addition to his speechifying, what attracts many is his good looks and charm.  We all can remember back to 2008 when another rookie Senator possessed similar appeal.  In retrospect, a gulf will always exist between such plastic attractions verses the demands of leadership and tough pro-American decision making.

Yes, today is a day of reckoning here in the sunshine State.  All the smooth talking, hand shaking and “selfies” takes a back seat to the people’s honest reply.  Hopefully, other shallow or self-motivated candidates will take heed.

Update: Donald Trump handily defeated Marco Rubio in Florida’s primary.

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