The Fake Chemical Attack News Is No Reason for War in Syria [VIDEO!]

All conservatives can do is hope that Donald Trump sees through the fake chemical attack story and has no intention of going to war with Syria.

What makes this a fake chemical attack story is at least the allegation that it came from Bashar al-Assad and is Russia’s fault.

All conservatives can do is hope that Donald Trump sees through the fake chemical attack story and has no intention of going to war with Syria.

What? How could the media and politicians of both parties tell us lies about Syria that could cost possibly millions of lives? I don’t know but the evidence for their ability to tell such lies is a lot greater than Assad’s guilt in this alleged chemical attack.

Few Republicans spoke out against this. Ron Paul was an exception. So was his son Rand Paul. But Donald Trump won on the same message. In fact, he won South Carolina and ended Jeb Bush’s campaign with that message!

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If pro-military South Carolina is fed up with wasting blood and debt in the unending deep state project of “stabilizing” the Middle East, how much more is the rest of the country tired of it.

Reports are still “alleged” and have still “not been independently verified,” but the same people who call Trump “irresponsible” for much less are demanding he act on the fake chemical attack story as if we know Assad did it.

CBS News reports, “Trump threatens “Animal Assad,” Putin over alleged chemical attack in Syria.

President Trump responded Sunday to reports of a suspected chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma, blaming Syrian President Bashar Assad and his international allies for the apparent attack that left dozens dead and hundreds injured. In some of his most critical comments directed at Russian President Vladimir Putin to date, Mr. Trump threatened that there’s a “big price … to pay” for those backing the Assad regime.

Syrian opposition activists and rescuers said Sunday that a poison gas attack on the rebel-held town of Douma near the capital of Damascus killed at least 40 people. The alleged attack has been denied by the Syrian and Russian governments. Russia is Syria’s closest ally and has a major military presence in the country.

Reports of the latest attack, which appeared to target civilians and young children, could not be independently verified.

Mr. Trump called out Putin along with the leadership in Iran for backing Assad, who he referred to as “Animal Assad.”

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