The Fake Angst of ‘Fake News’

Now it’s the internet’s ‘fake news’ which turned the voters!  Really?  How hypocritical can this disingenuous profession become?  If it wasn’t for the so-called ‘fake news,’ the mainstream media (MSM) would fold.

How many of us relished the media’s red faces from the Brexit vote?  Odd reaction from the supposed purveyors of truth.  Turns out, all their stuffy pundits were wrong.  But more than wrong, they actually tried to sway the vote towards “stay!”  How can a “free press” scream about a competing news source’s quality yet is comfortable with taking sides in a foreign national matter which has yet to be determined?

The media’s bloody nose was richly deserved when Britain quenched it natural yearning and regained her independent sovereignty. And of course, our eventual November tallies would again dwarf their credibility.

As America’s campaigning days dwindled, reports of a “decisive” or “landslide” Clinton victory pounded the American voter with a relentless cadence.  One personal favorite, from AP’s lead writer Julie Pace, perfectly frames what in hindsight qualifies as ‘fake news’ but at the time, was typical of the media’s pro Clinton exuberance; The subsequent headline, “Poll: Clinton appears to be on cusp of big win,” describes their anticipation perfectly.

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Pace’s writing lacked any factual accounting of news.  Throughout, it was an opinion piece which quoted the statistical findings of an Associated Press-GfK poll and was spiced with one Republican voter’s refusal to vote for Trump.  While hardly newsworthy, her partiality typifies the media’s fall from grace as opinion writers regularly capture front page ink.

This is a journalistic “crap shoot” since opinions are just that and are open to discussion; which is why the editorial page includes “letters to the editor.”  When in the course of events, those glaring front page opines become undressed, the stature and reputation of the industry also suffers.

America’s media also finds itself in error when knowingly dispersing untruths.  This has been the case with the public’s continuing indoctrination about being a “democracy.”  If the MSM now objects to “fake news,” why this penchant for what is not, never was and hopefully never will be?

This ‘fake news’ villain hardly altered the election outcome.  The overall cause of Hillary’s second place finish relates to Hillary’s message, performance and her personal presentation.  Suffice to say that promises of freebies verses Trump’s concrete pledges were ineffectual.

The media’s own grab bag of fakery routinely includes distortions, omissions, misquotes and partial quotes of a “taken out of context” nature.  Also reliable, is the media’s favorite shadow player, the frequently cited, “anonymous source.”  Now here is a player of worthy acclaim.

In defense, journalists may spout that it’s merely one’s personal preference, yet that too smacks of the reckless journalist, the rogue who dabbles in personal perspectives of what should be and who largely strays from factual events.

From long ago, this was particularly evident since on the ground reporting became the usual source for back home accounts during the Vietnam War. So, what caused the American media to uniformly report that the 1968 communist Tet Offensive was a huge American defeat, when in fact, it was just the opposite.

How was it that our “Fourth Estate” failed to publicize North Vietnamese General Giap’s belief that all was lost or the fact that the Viet Cong ceased to be operational, based upon its huge losses?

What influenced our media’s detour from the truth?  Was it really just a matter of personal preference and if so, how does such bias outweigh American sacrifice?   So, excuse me for being “put off” by this sudden claim of ‘fake news’ but such fakery, at a much higher and costly level, has been the media’s bread and butter for way too long!

How does an industry make this charge while at the same time dedicating their headlines to this Jill Stein recall facade?  When not being credible during the campaign season, how is it that now, this one percenter’s recall of State elections becomes newsworthy?  How does this horse dung complaint masquerade as “news?”

Another journalistic misstep is the media’s moaning about Clinton’s capturing the majority of the votes.  Will somebody please inform those arrogant publishers/editors that our system is not a democracy, despite all their efforts to the contrary?  Such blatant irrelevancy seems to be nudging closer to fakery!

In wrapping up the MSM’s supportive Clinton campaign, all their post election efforts stem from shock, frustration and embarrassment.  For the past three weeks, we have witnessed an unrelenting campaign to degrade, question and diminish any of Trump’s amazing cabinet selections and now just recently, criticizing his job saving Carrier effort.

In reality, our national media has finally and deservingly been allotted the “south forty” acreage; reserved for any and all who make their claim with deception, inadequacy and/or incompetence.  And for all their hot air, their assigned field of expertise is well deserved!

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