The Failure of Liberalism

The Democrats sit on their stinky ideas like warm farts.

Green Snot


I am listening to Fox television but I am not listening because I listen to nothing but my inner coyotes.

I like to bite my ankle.

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I am the bloody death of my own aspirations and the jejune happiness of a mad dog.

What do I care what you think of me when thinking is a meagre right and a failed hope?

I don’t think.

I simply am a presence in a desire like well, whatever.

I am the voice of the future in a jar with butterflies.

You can only live in the future if you respect the traditions of the past.

I am the conservative posture of a mad man.

You can take your progress and put it in the latrine along with soldier dung in World War II.

The failure of liberalism is its not respecting values.

If you can’t distinguish between this and that you have no values  and lose the world.

The liberals are putting the world in a Kleenex and blowing it up like green snot.

The Democrats sit on their stinky ideas like warm farts.

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