The Evil of Racism is Worse than the Perception of Homophobia





Disliking blacks because of the color of their skin is racism. I never understood it. Color is not a value.

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Feeling uncomfortable around gays because of their sexual proclivities is a natural, genetic reaction towards a drive that is noxious to heterosexuals. I do not dislike gays, but I admit that I am horrified by their attraction to each other.  It is as foreign to me as Yemen.


Is that prejudice?  It’s instinctual.  Should I try to overcome it?  Perhaps.


Suddenly the LGBT community has received the same respect as the black community. This makes no sense. Blacks have suffered real persecution for no reason.  Gays may have received a little mockery but until the liberal era of political correctness I don’t believe that they suffered beat-downs.


Of course many gays were killed at the Pulse in Orlando but this was by a confused gay, Omar Mateen, who came from a Muslim culture that regularly throws gays off buildings.


Blacks are in no way different from whites.  There is no reason to be prejudiced against them.  But gays, and particularly transgenders, are far afield from normal heterosexuals. We should not be prejudiced against them but we cannot help be emotionally horrified by their behavior. I have no friends who can tolerate seeing men kiss each other. If a gay can’t understand this then he is self-centered and lacking in empathy, not aware of his presentation to the world audience.


Disliking same sex marriage is Darwinian.  We survive as a species because of the male-female attraction.  Yet liberals, who are almost all supposedly Darwinian, approve of same sex marriage which limits the species survival over time. If it were vehemently practiced it would end up in mankind reduced like China’s rule of allowing only one baby or their social milieu, which favors boys.


Until now the LGBT community has never been so upfront and prideful that they ran the risk of the prejudice that blacks encountered because of the obvious color of their skin. I dislike their sexual instincts but not them as human beings. They have suffered little until they decided to push their gay pride out of the closet and into the street. Now they have their supporters and detractors.  Everything is transparent and transparency is not necessarily a good thing. In Obama’s hands, it is opaque layers of invisibility.


It is particularly difficult to admit my problem with the LBGT community after Orlando.  They deserve sympathy for that but that doesn’t mean that I can’t state my preference for heterosexuality.  Heterosexuality is something that has been central to my entire life. Without it I would have no life.


If I were not somewhat appalled by gays I would not be a normal heterosexual.  As a young man I was obviously horrified by gays.  They made me feel awkward and angry. A few times when they approached me I felt like I was held upside down in a hurricane and someone was shaking all the change and instincts out of my pocket.


This does not mean that I should try to work against my anti-homosexual feelings.  It is only fair to gays that I should try to ignore their foreign behavior and accept them as equals.  It does not mean that I should like their behavior or accept their perversions just because I feel that it is fair. When fair becomes a lie it is not fair. It is foul.


It is only in being honest to my disliking same sex love that I can accept gays.  In secretly being uncomfortable around them I can like them and give them a fair shake.  The liberals who welcome them with open arms are lying to themselves and will one day ricochet against them and mistreat them.


I’d rather give them an even break by admitting that I really don’t like their gayness as it offends me corporeally and genetically but I will not make an issue of it.


Gays are what they are and I am what I am.  Never the twain will meet. To pretend that there is not a chasm between us is to fall in between two cliffs into rocks of nonsense and confusion. It is to have so twisted your mind by political correctness that you will never be correct again.

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