The Enslavement of the Leftist Mind: How the Democrat Plantation Resembles the Matrix

There are many reputable black conservatives, but Democrat propaganda outlets, true to blue-pill form, render these people as invisible as they possibly can.  And so it goes. . .

“Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj”  — Roseanne Barr’s reply to a thread of tweets about Valerie’s Jarrett’s possible role in helping Barack Obama cover up administration scandals


“I apologize to Valerie Jarrett and to all Americans.  I am truly sorry for making a bad joke about her politics and her looks.  I should have known better.  Forgive me-my joke was in bad taste.  — Roseanne Barr’s same-day apology to Valerie Jarrett and all Americans for her bad tweet


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“They have assassinated his [President Trump’s] character—tried to, the Left [has]—and there is no apology [like the one Roseanne gave]. . . .  We don’t like the hypocrisy. . . .  We are not racist, our president is not racist.  He is a realist, and the only color he sees is green, and he wants everybody to have some of it.”  — Diamond and Silk, defending Roseanne’s apology for a bad tweet as well as President Trump’s integrity, after Valerie Jarrett blamed the president for Roseanne’s tweet (


Down the Rabbit Hole of Racist Accusations: Can You See the Matrix?

“You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes,” says Morpheus to Neo, in The Matrix, a 1999 science fiction movie written and directed by the Wachowskis.  The Matrix posits a dystopian reality where sentient machines, that are all a part of the hive known as the Matrix, utilize the body heat of human beings as an energy source.  To this purpose, the human population is kept in perpetual slumber and made to believe that their dream lives are transpiring in the real world.  (Read more about The Matrix here: or watch the movie:  Taking the red pill is how conservatives refer to people who are choosing to wake up to the reality that the media’s depictions of people—their elevating of people to angels or demons, good racists who only hate white people or bad racists who only hate everyone else, for example—serve, almost exclusively, the needs of the Left.

Since the 1999 release of The Matrix, American Conservatives (also known as textbook Classical Liberals, people who value individual liberty as free of government force and coercion as possible) have adopted the vocabulary of The Matrix as appropriately metaphorical with regard to the almost universal control exercised by the Leftist conspiracy media.  Blue-pill Democrats, like Mark Zuckerberg, are now attempting to shut down conservative speech and press emanating from red-pill media outlets, by making it difficult to share information generated by New Media on Facebook and other blue-pill social networks.  The Matrix, metaphorically speaking, is fighting to maintain the illusory World of Big Lies where all conservatives are racists against the Other or self-loathing against the Self.  This brings us to the strange case of Roseanne Barr.


Is Roseanne Barr Suddenly a Racist Who Deserves to Lose Her Job?

At 2:45 AM, on May 29th, 2018, Comedienne Roseanne Barr was “Ambien tweeting” a failed attempt at a joke about Valerie Jarret (  After apologizing, as soon as she realized her error in judgment, Roseanne found herself fired from her hit show.  Even President Trump was given a consequence, finding himself accused—although unjustly so—of racism, in veiled comments made by Valerie Jarrett herself regarding Roseanne’s tweet.  (You can access VJ’s comments here:  In the slumbering world of the Leftist Matrix, where appearance is so easily accepted as reality, it all makes sense.  Roseanne is now suddenly a racist, must have been all along, because the brainwashed somnambulists say so.  President Trump, who was universally admired—even to the point of being a favorite subject of rappers—until he ran for president, is now almost universally characterized as having been “always a racist” ever since entering the presidential race as a Republican back in mid-June of 2015.  Trump’s entire life of generosity to all has been revoked, even erased in part, 1984-style, by the mass hallucinations brought on by the Democrat Matrix.


By the Same Standard, Blackface Jimmy Fallon Is More Deserving of a Good Firing than Roseanne

There is no defending Roseanne’s comment.  Ambien tweeting or no, she is responsible for what she said, and it was indeed an offensive comment.  The question is this: Were Matrix media fair to target Roseanne by firing her, when they have allowed an unapologetic Jimmy Fallon to keep his show?  Why did media elites approve of Fallon’s racist blackface performance, showcased at the Golden Globes, wherein he made fun of Chris Rock in a most unflattering way?  After showing the blackface performance to an obviously-unappreciative audience via large-screen video, Fallon doubled down on his offensive behavior by continuing his racist Chris Rock impression, only without the blackface.  Judge for yourself, by clicking here:  Fallon never did apologize.  But, since Fallon is an agent of the Matrix, who hands out a huge amount of blue pills almost daily, he does not get called on the carpet, let alone fired, even though his performance was pre-planned, not off-the-cuff, and a great deal more offensive than Roseanne’s impromptu tweet.  So, despite Fallon’s racist behavior, Fallon gets a pass.


Blackface Jimmy Kimmel Is Also Protected by Virtue of Being a Democrat

And what about Jimmy Kimmel’s use of blackface to make fun of black athletes?  Was Kimmel shut down by the Matrix, for his egregiously offensive display of bigotry against black people?  One viewing of Kimmel’s horribly racist shtick is worth a thousand words!  So, without further ado, here is Comedian Jimmy Kimmel in an extraordinarily racist blackface depiction of African-American athletes:  There was never an apology for this incredibly distasteful performance.  And there was never even a threat posed to Kimmel’s employment.  Kimmel is a Democrat who openly hates President Trump and repeatedly participates in the Big Lies of the media by smearing the president and his supporters as racists.  But his fans generally take the blue pills he offers them, so everything is just dandy.  Jimmy Kimmel is considered a fine human being, no matter what he does or says.  And Trump and his supporters are always bigots, even if they are not the insensitive ones making fun of black people by putting on blackface and depicting African-Americans in a horribly derogatory manner.


Bill Maher Calls Himself a “House Nigga”

Let us not forget Bill Maher’s labeling himself as a “house nigga.”  Here is Bill Maher’s racist commentary:  It is true that Maher was criticized for his inappropriate use of a racist epithet, but Maher apologized, and liberals were eager to accept his apology, keen to absolve him of racist wrongdoing.  Maher was exonerated as heroic in his contrition, demonstrating real depth of character, as the Matrix narrative would have it; and, it might be noted, Maher was never threatened with losing his job, because Maher, of course, is one of those operatives who is depended upon to keep too many independent voters from stampeding off the Democrat Plantation.  This is why Maher’s endorsement of the Second Amendment and his criticism of Islamic totalitarianism and Islamic jihad have been tolerated by the Leftist Matrix.  He is there to corral as many independent voters as possible for the Democrats, come Election Day.  His more devoted followers happily take the blue pill and swallow almost everything he says and does as being perfectly acceptable.


Michelle Wolf’s Unapologetic, Quasi-Racist, Attack against Sara Sanders

So, what about Michelle Wolf’s invocation of the term “Uncle Tom” to smear White House Press Secretary Sara Sanders, accusing Sanders of being the equivalent of a race traitor to her own kind—her own kind being, of course, womankind.  What Wolf calls Sanders, verbatim, is an “Uncle Tom for white women who disappoint other white women.”  This is a vile and reprehensible description of an honorable woman who, if she had worked for Obama, would have been praised by Wolf.  Democrats laughed about the bullying at the time Wolf made the “joke” and continue to laugh about it ad infinitum.  Wolf, at the time of this writing, has still not apologized to Sanders.  Nor has anyone, among the Democrat leadership, offered any sympathetic comments.  Beyond her words, Wolf’s delivery, in itself, is pretty acerbic.  Here are Michelle Wolf’s comments at the White House Correspondents Dinner:  Michelle Wolf’s popularity has increased, among the denizens of the Matrix, ever since she made her scathing and bullying comments towards Sara Sanders.  Her biggest excuse, of course, is that she is a comedienne.  But is Roseanne Barr herself not a comedienne?  To see the parallel and understand the hypocrisy of the situation could prove risky for full-time inhabits the Matrix, who just might find themselves in danger of inadvertently swallowing a red pill in place of a blue one.  They would be free of the Matrix, but they would no longer be accepted by the typically intolerant people who remain addicted to the blue pill.


Diamond & Silk Defend Roseanne & Tell Blacks to “Get Off the Democrat Plantation!”

Black Trump supporters Diamond and Silk appeared with Maria Bartiromo on Fox, and said that they do not believe Roseanne Barr to be a racist, nor does the apologetic Roseanne deserve to be fired.  If she deserves firing, then so do the women of The View, according to Diamond and Silk.  Please watch Diamond and Silk’s remarks, which begin at the 0:40 mark, here:  Diamond and Silk have been credited with distributing record numbers of red pills—Morpheus-style—to many in the black community, among others.


Conservatives Believe in Helping Everyone & Trump Loves All People

Truth be told, conservatives wish to empower all individuals, which naturally includes every single minority that wants to participate in the American Dream.  And President Trump has already helped more black Americans, during the first 18 months of his presidency, than President Obama helped in his entire eight years.  At this writing, black unemployment is 5.9%, the lowest ever on record, and Hispanic unemployment is also at a record low.  President Trump has signed a law to make Martin Luther King’s home a National Historic Park (, offering heightened protection to King’s important legacy; and President Trump also has recently pardoned Jack Johnson (, wiping the slate of Johnson’s legacy clean for descendants and family members, in an important act of compassion that Obama refused to perform, despite the sustained pleadings of Mike Tyson on behalf of the Johnson family.  Watch Trump as he makes kind remarks about Boxer Jack Johnson to Johnson family members at the signing of Johnson’s pardon:  To many, watching President Trump relate to other human beings, and witnessing his natural love of all people, has, over time, managed to cause a major red-pill effect, regarding Trump’s love of people.  Indeed, the Trump presidency has helped millions, ultimately, to see the Matrix.


President Trump Deserves an Apology

So, perhaps President Trump deserves some apologies from those on the Left who have accused him of racism, and especially from Snoop Dogg, who acted out an assassination of him in a now-infamous rap video, wherein white people are all depicted as clowns who deserve to die and be fed to the dogs: “It’s been a week since my dogs ate, let ’em eat,” raps Snoop Dogg, in a clear reference to how white people deserve to be food for his dogs.  The climax of the video is Snoop Dogg’s assassination of President Donald Trump.  See Snoop Dogg’s racist depiction of Trump’s assassination at marker 3:07:  No apology was ever forthcoming from Snoop Dogg.  But Snoop Dogg is a dedicated Democrat and, therefore, an operative of the Matrix, and, as we all know, racism is condoned for Democrats, whether it be white racism or black racism, or any other form of bigotry.  Elite Democrats, after all, are the masters and kapos ( who run the Democrat Plantation and, therefore, get to discriminate with impunity—same as it ever was: same as when the seven Democrats on the Supreme Court ruled in favor of slaveholders’ rights in the Dred Scott case (; same as when the Democrat South seceded to fight Northern forces as commanded by Abolitionist Republican President Abraham Lincoln in the Civil War; same as when Democrats founded the Ku Klux Klan in Pulaski, Tennessee (; same as when Democrats repealed all the Republican-passed civil rights laws post-1892 upon obtaining power in the Congress and the White House; same as when Democrats passed Jim Crow laws; same as when Democrats started the welfare-state “plantation” to keep black people forever reliant on government and which brought about the destruction of the black family ( by forcing women to marry the government, rather than the father of her child, in order to receive “assistance.”

Of course, if you will continue to take the blue pill of believing the blue narrative of the Matrix and will continue to shun taking the red pill and learning the true history of America, the Democrat narrative will all continue to make perfect sense to you: the Democrats will appear to have changed their spots to the anti-racism variety back in the 1960s—never mind that pesky Ku Klux Klansman of a Democrat senator named Robert Byrd ( who was mentor to Hillary Clinton, likely a racist herself (  KKK recruiter and Grand Dragon Robert Byrd was the longest-serving senator in US history; and never mind the fact that Republicans voted in higher percentages for civil rights laws than Democrats (; and never mind the fact that President Trump’s administration has helped more black people and minority businesses with his economic policies than any other president, except Ronald Reagan (  The problem, of course, with those blue pills, is that reality itself—if you are long exposed to a good, sensible dose of it—can be a red pill all on its own.


Red Pill/Blue Pill: Candace Owens Sees the Matrix

People like Diamond and Silk and Candace Owens are, however, onto the Democrats’ illusory prescriptions and racist recipes.  These are people who see the Matrix clearly, people who have taken the red pill ( and can effortlessly see the racism behind the Democrats’ labeling of blacks who think for themselves as “Uncle Toms.”  Here is what Candace Owens has to say:


The Democrat Party Weaponizes Racism Only against Non-Democrats

The endorsement by Democrats of unapologetic racists who never see their own jobs threatened, and the unequal standard which they apply to conservatives in order to justify their own discriminatory practices, should be an eye-opener to many who like to think of themselves as “woke” but who are, in reality, just marching in lockstep, with the blue-pill Left, to the drumbeat of a hypnotic media that daily offers up its blue pills to maintain an illusory façade that hides the truth.  It is Constitutional conservatives who favor fact-based knowledge, truth, independence, freedom, Natural Rights, and the Golden Rule.  And it is the Leftist leaders of the Democrat Party who promote a false sense of security, based upon false narratives—or “fake news” as our red-pill president has dubbed it—of racism and other accusatory smears that are all based upon blue-pill social indoctrination, rather than red-pill rational thought and the rules of evidence.


If You Have Not Yet Done So, Take the Red Pill!

If you have not yet seen the Matrix, but now wish to do so, then take the red pill!  You will be in good company, if you do: Black Conservatives Diamond and Silk (, Black Co-Founder of the TEA Party Niger Innis (, Black Commentator and Tea Party Supporter Deneen Borelli (, Black Ex-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (, Black Financial Expert and Fox Business News Anchor Charles Payne ( are all available in numerous Internet-based video resources.  There are many reputable black conservatives, but Democrat propaganda outlets, true to blue-pill form, render these people as invisible as they possibly can.  And so it goes. . . .

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