The Enemy Within: A Look at The Not-So-Veiled Attempt to Delegitimize a Legitimate President

By Guest Writer Richard McCann:

America is straddling the fence of hysteria and slipping into full convulsion mode. The petulant cries of “Not My President”are different from the past breast-beating and soul-searching exercises of the losing political party. Today’s outcry is not about how we lost, but about how we are not going to accept the outcome.

Where unsuccessful party operatives in past elections eventually picked up the pieces and set about formulating plans to recapture the prize, the post-Trump election phenomenon has turned into the fullest manifestation of why every American should fear the Left.

Anti-social behavior is being given a free pass by the very people who insisted – in fact, demanded – that Donald Trump unequivocally state that he respect and abide by the election results. The very same hypocrites, along with an equally biased and hypocritical press, now mutely stand by as the country descends into the black abyss of anarchy.

Who is facilitating the decision that physical violence and property destruction has become the accepted alternative to reasoned and respectful dissent? Clearly, while not specifically endorsing the tone and tactics of the hoodlum element in the forefront of anti-Trump protests, the likes of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and shamefully, even former President Barack Obama, have barely uttered a word of remonstrance against the participants involved in the current lawlessness. Sadder still is the reality that many of these criminals are supporters of the aforementioned.  

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Why has Donald Trump’s election been greeted with such irrational reprisal? While no doubt a changing nation with respect to demographics and mores, Obama’s attempt to lead us along a progressively transformative path involving a government takeover of healthcare, full equality with respect to gay and transgender rights, income redistribution and reducing America’s footprint in the world, was clearly a source of huge discomfiture for many Americans.

The further narrative of American ideals not only not being “exceptional,” but in fact the source of much of the world’s suffering and conflict, breathed new life into the expositors of an America built on corrupt, crony capitalism, the grotesque exploitation of wage earners, minorities, women, and American hegemony through the obscene preponderance of both nuclear and conventional military might.

Accepting of these themes, and in full complicity with the Obama domestic agenda, the Democratic party banked hard Left, and today is no longer the party of Kennedy or even Clinton. Adding the Sanders factor, the Democratic party in America today is now an amalgam of Left and “hard” Left, not unlike the Social Democratic parties of Western Europe, where advocates expect the government to indulge people from cradle to grave, allow open and unfettered movement of people across borders, provide free health care, free education and to manufacture a society where government essentially provides the basic income platform for all to live.

It is not Trump’s alleged misogyny or racism that has the Left rattled. These are well calculated distortions, manufactured by the Left which, like it or not, were shot into and kept intact in Trump with the effectiveness of a New England whaling boat captain. While neither making an argument for excusing these types of transgressions nor condoning this type of discourse, produce the politician whose personal life is “untainted.”

Produce the man of political or financial power who at one time or another has not made some off color remark, commented on someone’s body parts or mouthed sexual bravado; show that and I will show you pigs that fly – horses as well!

No. Donald J. Trump is unnerving, because he has the power and the personality to upend the entire Democratic, ultra-liberal foundation, with its legion of agents, apologists and minions crashing down on top of it. When all else fails, you distort the record, a game that the Democratic left has brought to perfection.

For example, if Hillary Clinton had won the White House, would there have been any discussion about the Electoral College and how it works? If there has been one glaring instance in the post election ruckus over Donald Trump’s sensational victory, it has been the pathetic attempt on the part of Democrats to deligitimize that victory because Trump lost the popular vote.

The fact that he won 306 Electoral votes, and that the roughly 2.5 million additional popular votes for Hillary came from leftist California, the loon state of the nation, is a fact hardly lost on anyone who follows American Presidential elections. Besides, the last time this writer checked, we don’t elect Presidents by popular vote.

The Electoral College has served the nation well for 250 years, that is, unless you are the losing party in the presidential sweepstakes and refuse to accept the result. The Left wants Trump to fail in the worst way. They are not willing to give him the chance to take the country down a different path, a path that just might prove to be a boon for the economy, healthy for the wages of American workers, streamlined in the absence of oppressive regulation, and most importantly, focused in on what freemen and women can do relying on their own abilities and spirit, rather than what the government says they can or should do.

And now we come to the sanctimony of the Democratic political losers and their ilk. We heard Hillary in front of a national audience engage in the vilification of Trump for refusal to endorse and support the election results, but it has clearly not been Trump supporters whose carry-on in the streets of the nation have made America look like some African military dictatorship in the throes of a coup.

We have the three dozen Democratic members of the House who failed to attend the Inauguration, a day of national celebration, in protest over Trump. These cowardly representatives of the people all hailed from districts where they knew no political consequences would be suffered for their actions. Their decision to boycott was a safe play for the folks at home, hardly about beliefs and personal conviction, more about politics and a pure lack of what we in the Bronx would have called at onetime a lack of [rhymes with crawls].

Trump is an American Nationalist in the mold of Andrew Jackson and Theodore Roosevelt. He is for the preservation of national sovereignty and the territorial integrity of the United States. If he stands indicted for anything, it is for the unrelenting commitment he has made to American working families, and a man who still believes that free enterprise and hard work are more critical to success than the tired tenets of flaccid, welfare state liberalism…failed liberalism at that.

He has articulated respect for the rule of law, our institutions and way of life, and most importantly, protections for the people charged with the responsibility of administering, enforcing and carrying out all that is necessary to preserve those ideals. He has articulated peace predicated on uncompromising strength, and has put our enemies on notice that there will be a price extracted for attempting to injure our people, our ideals, our way of life.

I believe that in time, Donald J. Trump will indeed be among our greatest of Presidents, and may we each in our own way pray that God sustain him, especially in the face of the despicable onslaught hurled by his enemies from within. If Congresswoman Maxine Waters wants to have Donald Trump impeached because of his courage to articulate a radical vision of America calling for secure borders, prosperity and employment, opportunity for every man, woman and child and a deep abiding respect for the rule of law, I await that day most anxiously…I am sure that 63,000,000 other Americans do as well…  

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