The Elves are Sad About Hillary



In an office near mine they are gathering support groups for those fragile elves who can’t abide Hillary losing the presidency.

They bounce around in the forest,

Little people,

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Who can’t take things that don’t go their way

From the backlog of those that do.


Can you imagine tears for fears of losing to Trump who is honest as the day is long compared to Hillary who stole Haiti’s money and filched from her charitable foundation to pay for her daughter’s wedding.


Hillary loved universal health care even before Obama was political and after Obamacare failed.


She lays down for Muslims as her husband lays on top of underage girls.


The sad elves cry for the loss of their female president in a world of strong Putin and Muslims who laugh at women.


Voting for Hillary was like America’s surrender to poor posture in a world of erect soldiers. It is the underside of bold stupidity.

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