The Difference Between Conservative and Moderate Republicans in One Interview

On Sunday morning two members of the House GOP appeared together on NBC’s Meet the Press with Chuck Todd to discuss the ongoing turmoil in the House. Moderate RINO Charlie Dent (R-PA) and conservative Freedom Caucus member Dave Brat (R-VA) had an interesting discussion about the very different visions being presented by the two wings of the GOP.

While the moderate Dent seemed to argue that the conservatives in the House did not want to “govern,” Brat countered with the truth that “governing” in DC simply means “spend more money.” Over the last few weeks Dent has been one of the loudest critics of conservatives in the GOP, condemning us as obstinate and unreasonable. However, it has actually been the RINO wing of the GOP that has been unreasonable. Their voters want conservative reform, but the establishment GOP is worried about how it would LOOK if they lost (or even worse, if they won), so instead of reforming the government, the moderates have been complicit with the Obama administration in making a bad situation worse.

Conservatives like Congressman Brat may be reviled by their colleagues (and the media), but the truth is that they speak for their voters. We want our representatives to go to Washington and say what we are thinking! We want them to vote the way we would vote. We want them to push reforms that we would push. The establishment may not like it, but our conservative representatives are actually REPRESENTING us.

It’s the moderates in the establishment that have lost touch with the voters… not the conservatives.

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“Those who call themselves the “moderate” wing of the party like to argue that they are all about “governing.” But people back home know that is often a code word for “spending more money”. Saying yes to every new government program and handing out cash and political favors wins friends in D.C., but the people back home look at $19 trillion in debt and $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities and know who’s going to end up paying for all that “governing.”

Giving the American people a voice in the process may be considered “radical” and a sign of “chaos” by the Washington political class. But the only real chaos right now is with K Street lobbyists and with the big spenders who are having to acknowledge that one day we might actually have to balance a budget. That will be a real shocker to the establishment.”   — Rep. David Brat (R-VA)

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