The Deterioration of the ‘Free Press’ into its Present Sycophantic Role

A Questionable Free Press

Ever since Mr. Trump shocked America and turned away Clinton’s Presidential hopes, the scuzzy award has been dusted off and transferred from Reid to Schumer, while America’s so-called ‘free press’ retained its Most Valuable Player status.

Since America’s Founding, her scrutiny from a ‘free press’ has deteriorated, first into a liberal version and then finally into its present sycophantic role.  Today, factual reporting has given way to the emotionalisms of fakery.

Since Trump established his Presidential legitimacy with his State of the Union knockout Address, Schumer and his lock step MSM have been working overtime to degrade the Trump Presidency; beginning with the democrat’s record-setting obstruction of various Cabinet appointees while media elites ridiculed Trump’s every effort.

However, this two-pronged attack has caused a bit of consternation, even within the Clinton’s camp.  Forget the betterment of the country.  Now, what’s vital to protect is the affluence and influence which makes up “the establishment.”

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Since January 20th , rather than “a new sheriff,” a new threat has arrived in the personage of President Trump.  While individual democrats remain most energized, do not limit the frowns to one side of the aisle.  Check out the amount of legislation which this republican-led congress has produced along with the Republican split over the Obamacare repeal.  Consider this inactivity from one side versus the obstructionism from the other.

What was headlined for attacking first featured General Flynn and then was refocused upon Attorney General Sessions.  While Flynn’s actions overseas were appropriate, his reporting to higher ups became his undoing.  Then, as the Flynn caper settled, democrat obstructionists reloaded their false volley of smears against our Attorney General; this after undergoing eight years of silence versus two more questionable AG versions.

Revved up from a cheering media, some have turned against Sessions but without any real knowledge of his actions.  Instead, emotions have been heightened to the point of propaganda.

Reviewing the media’s democrat kinship and compliance parallels a dastardly scheme which represents the democrat’s only remaining tool.

On one November evening, throats which were hoarse with anticipating a Clinton victory, suddenly went silent as euphoria waned with each posting of State election results.  Hindsight revealed a general expectation, even an arrogance which became a precursor to the Clinton defeat.  Today, this fact is shielded by another false democrat campaign earmarking Russian interference.

On the other side, Trump never wavered.  During the last full week, candidate Trump barnstormed between five and six appearances daily while Clinton refused to visit crucial States which eventually Trump would claim.

Trump’s win produced finger pointing, name calling and some very despondent media talking heads.  However, fault had to be framed and naturally, few were eager for such recriminations.  So, the best patsy, as previously stated, was that renown enemy Romney cited and which Obama scoffed at back in 2012, Russia.

Representing sufficient distance so that if need be, the unexpected could easily be muffled, Russian election interference became the media’s fancy.  When this hit a roadblock, since all that was uncovered was the vulnerability of Clinton’s unprotected emails, the next alternative was connecting Trump’s staffers with the Russians.

Think about it. This was so much better.  It limited the shenanigans to the republicans while insulating any Clinton/democrat culpability.  First in the crosshairs was Trump’s National Security Advisor, Gen. Flynn.

Again, another roadblock since Flynn’s hands were clean.  However, there was a gift handed to the democrats in the form of Flynn’s reporting to Vice President Pence.  Suffice to say that while the democrats claimed their first scalp, this only teased their blood sport.

However, America then witnessed Sessions’ classy and effective measure to stop the jackals at the door.  There is little doubt that the ultimate prize in the Schumer/media playbook was the AG’s resignation.  However, in true Southern fashion, Sessions cut short the howling jackals by recusal.

Past official actions or lack of such, discolors Schumer’s anti-Trump crusade since similar investigations were glaringly absent when former Secretary of State Clinton lied about the video causing our 9/11 Benghazi losses.  With such incriminating evidence available, how is it that media efforts remained in a state of journalistic paralysis.  Especially so since today, rumor and innuendo abound as talking points and/or headlines.

This era of journalistic fakery was called forth from the ashes of Benghazi and the pressure of re-election.  Over the years, it’s usage has become a finely tuned tactic.  Still, every tactic comes with a shelf life, especially when a new grocer hits town!

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