The Deepest of the Swamp

Contrary to Obama’s adamant refusal to properly identifying ISIS, it remains an imperative if a threat is ever to be neutralized and overcome.  Likewise, the deepest of the deep remains as such for the same reasoning; that the shadows provide mystery and the greatest of wiggle room.  So it is,within this quagmire roams the most protected.  Nearing its hundred year mark, few Americans are even aware of the Council on Foreign Relations, or quite simply, CFR.

Many years ago, I was fortunate in getting my hands on Barry Goldwater’s autobiography entitled “With No Apologies.”  To say the least, it was enlightening in that it answered some of my nagging questions; one of which entailed the connecting of those three little letters, CFR, to the “what” and “who” was behind my country’s ineffectual policies.

With President Trump, great strides have been taken in that many Americans have become aware of an operational swamp in which its contents contain the unusual and some former unknowns.  Likewise, these media promotions of anti-Trump antagonisms need to misdirect from the swamp’s actual undercurrent.

In short, Trump represents a direct threat to not just the deeply hidden but to their agenda which the many swamp inhabitants have been establishing for decades.  Likewise, it wasn’t so much about Hillary’s defeat as it was about Hillary not being in position for the agenda’s continued enforcement.  And now that she’s been eliminated, what is left is this ruffian outsider, one who directly threatens the swamp’s program

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A small portion of which was featured with the seemingly ordinary headline of, “Clarida Is Likely Pick As No. 2 For Powell,” in which the average reader remained unaware as to the CFR’s dominating theme.

First off, Richard Clarida is a member of the CFR as is his boss, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, who replaced another CFR stalwart, Janet Yellen.  Along with Powell and of course Clarida, this piece also refers to former Fed vice chairmen Alan Binder and Alan Fischer.  Even in an adjacent article, “Fed Is Open to Faster Rate Moves,” New York Fed President and CFR member William Dudley was mentioned.

Why would holding such responsible positions within our Nation’s currency affairs require the enlisting of individuals from a foreign affairs advisory panel which operates with anonymity?

Could it be that our Federal Reserve system is unconstitutional?  This being an actual fact, and when taking into account this ongoing desired secrecy, then meshing it with an anti-Trump hysteria, all this begins to round out a program which kills two birds simultaneously; divert public attention while keeping Trump on the defensive.

When aware, this news item typifies the governmental rot and decay which  has been ongoing for decades.  While the article pertains to the Federal Reserve (the Fed), it is symbolic of the CFR’s overall influence.  Without realizing, this cabal has provided 21 Defense (War) Secretaries and 17 Secretaries of State since it’s creation in 1921.

The infamy with being “the deepest” is credited from its abiding intent to remain in the shadows of governing rather than in full view.  Manning influential positions without mentioning any CFR connection is self incriminating and judging from past foreign policy failures, which supposedly is their bailiwick, the consistency of such negative efforts suggests more than the normal.  Hence their deep water lurking.

Therefore, not only is it understandable to disassociate the “mother ship,” which Hilary Clinton once termed this cabal, from it nefarious deeds but to become intently protective of its continuing functions.  This currently faces jeopardy due to our current President’s pro American agenda.  His actions against Obama’s regulating stranglehold on small businesses, his Gorsuch selection and his withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords are first year deeds which fire hosed a giant gush of fresh water into that murky swamp.

And Trump’s Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) withdrawal crushed the CFR’s most cherished “crowned jewel,” of which was another Hillary “gem” of a term.  Given that a major portion of their ranks make up the media’s elite, smart money is on their “anti” chorus rising in volume!

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